15 Jul 2019
REVIEW: Directions Pillarbox Red
“Comes With The 'Old Punk Seal of Approval'”

Ah. good old Directions! I’ve been Using it For Decades.


I first used this stuff aeons ago in the early 80s to keep my lovely mohican in all its crimson glory*. And then, as the decades rolled by, to keep my long dredds in a similarly carmine* hue. A bit like Coke vs Pepsi or Levi’s vs Wrangler; back in those days, you were either a Directions or a KrazyKolour person. I always thought Directions gave brighter results and lasted a bit longer than KrazyKolour, so I stuck with that. YMMV.

Depending on the length of my hair at the time, I used to go through up to a tub and a half of this stuff to do all of my wee heid. But, now that age has withered me and the years condemned my hair to its last beleaguered outpost at the back of my skull, I can do all my locks with less than half a tub. So this 4-pack should last me forever.

That is as economically encouraging as it is sartorially depressing.

*[T&C Apply: Other less hardcore punkrock hair colours are available]

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