So, what’s it all about then?

This blog has been assembled from various bits, pieces and fragments of other blogs into which I [stíobhart matulevicz] have spewed my inane drivel over the years. For that reason, it contains a bit of a mixture of different types of content. Earlier posts [dating from when I was bitter, twisted, impoverished and unemployed] tend to consist mostly of me railing against the world and all who sail in it, like Rab C Nesbitt on crack. Towards the middle, chronologically speaking [when I was working as a college lecturer], the content tends to be a bit more ‘professional’ and ‘work-related’. Interspersed amongst these two extremes are posts about whatever notions have rolled across my vacant skull that day, or vainglorious recordings of what I self-delusionally deem to be my artistic and technological triumphs.

In other words, it’s a right mixture of all kinds of oul’ shite.

Is this drivel offensive/NSFW?

That all depends on what offends you or where you work. But the short answer is “Probably”. In spite of the fact that I am urbane, witty, charming, a delight to know and an “all-round good guy”, I do [like all members of the human race] occasionally like to blame the rest of the world for my own shortcomings. Therefore this blog probably contains posts which some people might find; anti-semitic, anti-establishment, anti-royalist, anti-democratic, anti-monarchist, anti-social, anti-perspirant and even on occasion anti-clockwise. In addition to this, my internal sub-editor has sometimes let slip through statements which border on the; ageist, jingoist, sexist, racist, recidivist, facist, communist and somnambulist.

In other words, don’t feckin’ read if you’ve had a sense of humour bypass.

Why “Them’s Good Broth”?

No particular reason. It was one of my granny’s curious phrases –best said in a broad County Antrim accent. Whenever I visited her, a saucepan of home-made broth simmering away on the kitchen stove seemed to be a permanent fixture. She always referred to it in the plural; “Them’s good broth” as opposed to “That’s good broth” and the phrase stuck in my wee heid. Fast forward to a zillion years later when I was trying to think of a name for this collection of shite –and the rest, as they say, is [uninteresting] history!

Do you know this site looks shite on… <insert name of browser or platform> …?

As the design, no less than the content, is an eternal “Work-in-Progress”, that doesn’t surprise me. However, the site looks OK for me running on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and across Mac OSX and Linux. As this is a personal site and not one I’ve built for a client, I have taken the liberty of not giving a flying fuck-toss what it looks like on Internet Exploder [or its doubtless equally as shite successors].

I’m painfully aware that the site doesn’t look as good as it ought to on mobile. That’s something I’m attending to “as and when”. [Why couldn’t they all just have agreed on one or two screen-sizes and resolutions? It would have made things so much easier!]

Do you know your frontpage is 3657 yards long? [and growing]

Yes I do. Sorry about that. At the moment Hugo does not allow for pagination of content, so the frontpage just lists every single post in a stupidly unweildy way. Pagination is supposed to be ‘on the roadmap’ for the next release of Hugo. So hang in there!

If the frontpage is not currently over 3657 yards long, then you are obviously reading this in the future, where Hugo does allow pagination –and I’ve just forgotten to remove this bit from the FAQs.

I long to read more of your silken prose. Where can I find some?

You’re great. Please can I give you some money?

Why, certainly. If you’re in the market for some tacky tat quality merchandise, featuring my why not visit one of my online shops on…

…wherein you will find a selection of unfunny and badly executed designs you can choose to have printed on a variety of tawdry gifts with which to embarrass a friend or loved-one.

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