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Adding Isso Comments to Hugo
24 Feb 2017
TOC Intro Setup Python Virtual Environment Activate Python Virtual Environment Install Isso Configure Isso Export Existing Comments from Disqus as XML Import XML into Isso Configure Caddy Server to Proxy to Isso Add Isso Code to Hugo Fool Hugo into Displaying Isso Comments Create Server Startup Scripts Profit! Intro If you’ve read my recent post on Disqus’s underhand link hijacking, you’ll know that it gave me the impetus I needed to finally make good on my long-held intention of getting rid of Disqus and installing a self-hosted comments system on Them’s Good Broth instead—to wit Isso.... [ Read More ]
Disqusting Behaviour
21 Feb 2017
Image Credit: The astute reader will notice that the comments on this ‘ere Electronic Emporium of Ennui are no longer powered by Disqus [and no, I’m not going to give the fuckers a free link!] A few days ago, while I was trying to track down the address of some website or other, I remembered that I’d once linked to it from one of the comments on this site.... [ Read More ]
29 Sep 2009
Hi all. I have installed the Disqus comments system on the blog, so you should now be able to comment on each other’s posts, by clicking on the ‘comments’ text in the grey bar at the bottom of each post. I say ‘should’ because I’ve had mixed experiences with Disqus before, on sites I’ve installed it on. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it makes me want to throw the computer through the f**king window.... [ Read More ]
You've Gotta Laugh, Haven't You?
03 May 2006
As anyone with a blog will know, one of the more amusing things you have to deal with are the constant attempts [by means of fake comments] of fuckwitted spammers to pollute your artistic genius with their semi-literate hawking of various tawdry “organ-enhancement” lotions and potions, or online card games. In the past, these “Spamments” [I just coined that phrase - amn’t I witty?] consisted purely of dozens of links to whatever crap the spammers were peddling and were correspondingly easy to spot and delete.... [ Read More ]
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