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That North Korean 'Real & Growing Threat to World Peace'
18 Mar 2017
Just a quick infographic for you today, dear readers. Created in response to the recent sabre-rattling by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who claims that North Korea is a “Real and Growing Threat to World Peace” and seems to be itching for an excuse for America to embark on another of its interminable crusades to bring “Freee-Daaahm and Deee-Mocracy” to some poor undeserving corner of the world. Blessed are the Peace-Makers Sources:... [ Read More ]
Mac vs. Pc Infographic
08 May 2011
Mashable have posted this infographic. Based on data gathered by from user profiles of visitors to their site, it confirms that all your preconceptions and stereotypes about Mac users vs. PC users are true. Click here to see the full version.... [ Read More ]
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