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Society6 Steals From Artists
05 Nov 2018
Original image credit: Atlas Obscura The Print-on-Demand T&C Minefield Over the years that I’ve been hawking my artistic pussy via a number of online Print-on-Demand sites, I’ve had the occasional run in with the legal teams running the sites. It’s all to easy to accidentally infringe one of their terms and conditions as they all have various rules and regulations as to what they will and will not allow; Adult themes, Copyright infringement, Offensive material, Objectionable content, Similarity to existing designs, etc.... [ Read More ]
Evil Blood-Suckers
07 Nov 2010
I’m reading Dracula again at the moment and this time I remembered to mark a quote I’ve been meaning to note down, every time I’ve read the book, previously. First off, as given on several legal advice websites, a description of the rights of bailiffs: The bailiff cannot enter your house by force, but they can legally enter your property through open windows or unlocked doors, so make sure all your doors and windows are locked or closed!... [ Read More ]
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