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BBC Radio on Linux
26 Mar 2016
TOC Difficulties with Streaming BBC Radio on Linux Using Browser Spoofing to grab the BBC Radio Streaming URLs Playing the BBC Radio Streams with Radio Tray / VLC List of BBC Radio stream URLs Disclaimers / Warnings In one of my idle weekend tinkering sessions, this morning, I contemplated installing Linux [Ubuntu to be precise] on an old iMac I have lying around. Reasons being; said iMac runs OSX El Capitán like a slug on Mogadon and also, I only really use it for listening to the radio, while I’m on my gym.... [ Read More ]
Best Gadget Evarrr!
26 Apr 2005
The other day, the postie greeted me bleary-eyed on the doorstep with a package which turned out to be the new iTrip I’d ordered a couple of days earlier, to accompany my iPod. Although I’d read good reviews about the iTrip, I was expecting it to be at best a ‘Not Bad’ piece of technology -but I was in for a treat! For those folk not in the know, the iTrip is a small cylinder, about half as big again as an AA battery, which plugs into the headphone socket of your iPod [I’m assuming there isn’t anyone left on the planet who disnae know what one of those is!... [ Read More ]
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