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That North Korean 'Real & Growing Threat to World Peace'
18 Mar 2017
Just a quick infographic for you today, dear readers. Created in response to the recent sabre-rattling by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who claims that North Korea is a “Real and Growing Threat to World Peace” and seems to be itching for an excuse for America to embark on another of its interminable crusades to bring “Freee-Daaahm and Deee-Mocracy” to some poor undeserving corner of the world. Blessed are the Peace-Makers Sources:... [ Read More ]
The Best Doctor Who Story Never!
25 Nov 2013
At the weekend –inspired by the 50th anniversary shenanigans, I spent many an hour transferring my entire collection of original Doctor Who episodes from DVD onto the external hard drive on my media server, so I could access them directly through XBMC instead of faffing around with discs. Much fun and frivolity ensued, as I wrestled for quite a while, trying to find a naming convention for the files that would allow XBMC to index the episodes [about which, more in another post].... [ Read More ]
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