24 Nov 2015
Flat Broke
“When life imitates [satirical] art”
Hipster design team, ready for action. [image credit: edinphoto.org.uk]

You remember a while back I treated you to a bit of a rant enlightened monologue on the folly of the headlong rush towards 'Flat Design', spearheaded by Apple and dutifully, slavishly followed by every other fucking designer on the planet?

Well, in that post I commented on the fact that Xiaomi had recently succumbed to the 'flatness fetish' and speculated on what this might mean for the design of their forthcoming MIUI6 Android distro [Xiaomi having been one of the companies whose 'fun' skeuomorphic interface designs I’d previously admired]:

Apple have spoken and now the entire design world must blindly follow. As Ars Technica were happy to point out in their review. For the forthcoming Version 6 of MIUI, Xiaomi have apparently ‘wised up’ and adopted the mandatory ‘Flat Design’ look.

I wasn’t able to find screenshots of how those three apps look in their new v6 guise, but I imagine it’s something like this:

Wee Me

Well, over the weekend, I had one of those bored-on-a-Sunday thumb-twiddling moments where, for want of anything more productive to do, I 'upgraded' [Ha!] my laptop from Mavericks to El Capitán.

I may wax lyrical about that at a later date --once the initial pain has receded. But, in the meantime, look what vomited in my face when I had occasion to fire up the calculator this morning:

Xiaomi. Start your photocopiers!

You couldn’t make this shit up!

Meanwhile, I was strangely comforted to note that on Apple’s very own 'App Store' the one-star reviews for OSX El Capitán outnumber all the other ratings put together –and that will be even after Apple have culled the most unfavourable reviews.

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