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Twitter Laughs in the Face of GDPR Regulation
18 Mar 2020
Image credit: One morning at the beginning of January, I opened my @stiobhart Twitter account as usual for a quick peruse of what was happening in 'The Inconsequentialverse' and was surprised to see an alert popping up which said "Your account is suspended and not permitted to perform this action". As the only "action" I was 'performing' was clicking on the various 'News', 'Trending' etc, tabs to see what was going on in the world, I thought it was just one of those glitches in the matrix.... [ Read More ]
Amazon Seller Account
21 Sep 2015
Thought I’d have another go at registering for an Amazon Seller Account today, as I’ve a mountain of books I want to shift. The last couple of times I tried this feat, I ended up having to be committed to an insane asylum, after trying to chew my own head off in frustration. Luckily, before I was dragged away, screaming and kicking, by the men in white coats, I did manage to pen an email to Amazon support [at the end of June, to be precise] and I’m sure that, busy as they must be, I’ll be receiving a reply a-n-y…​ d-a-y…​ n-o-w!... [ Read More ]
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