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Possibly the Stupidest Idea of All-Time
15 Jan 2016
image credit: On the circuit of technology websites I regularly read, there is one story that pops up with irritating frequency and has been doing so for the past couple of years. Said story usually involves some technology writer gushing enthusiastically about how Arse-Sum!!! this concept called What3Words is. And every time I see such an article I end up practically head-butting holes in the wall, in sheer frustration at the fact no fecker apart from myself seems able to spot the blue whale sized flaw in the concept.... [ Read More ]
Clean Slate
02 Aug 2011
Well, I hope all you smart young NMD and Anim students have been listening to the repeated advice from your Uncle stío and Auntie Alex, to back up and keep copies of all your work. Because, last week, while we were on holiday some fuc.. twa.. ars.. clever person from IT decided to completely wipe every computer in room 222 –without even consulting with us first. So, anything not backed up is “Gone like the snows of last winter”, if you’re feeling poetical about it [which I’m not!... [ Read More ]
Autistic Bloody Britain
16 Jun 2005
I once saw a documentary on telly about Autism. During it, two kids were shown a toy being hidden underneath one of two up-turned boxes. One of the kids was then led from the room and in his or her absence, the toy’s hiding place was swapped, so that it was under the other box. The kid who’d remained in the room and seen the switch was asked to indicate under which box he or she thought the other child would think the toy was.... [ Read More ]
Talentless Contest
13 Apr 2004
How mentally stimulating to see an advert on Channel 5 plugging their latest forthcoming ‘Reality’ TV show - “Britain’s Worst DIY-er”. Another gem from the people who brought you “Britain’s Worst Driver”! Just think. The braying morons in the studio audience and those farting on their sofas at home will soon be able to slap their flippers together and screech with laughter as they watch yet another group of irritating ‘Fame-at-Any-Price-ers’ parading their potentially lethal incompetence for our entertainment.... [ Read More ]
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