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Using Flickr for Forum Image Hosting
12 Jan 2018
TOC Intro and Miscellaneous Froth-Lipped Ranting Flickr? Why Flickr? Uploading to Flickr Getting the Address of an Image on Flickr Using Your Flickr Image on a Forum Troubleshooting Intro and Miscellaneous Froth-Lipped Ranting By now, probably everyone has come across one of these lovely graphics, whilst perusing their favourite internet forums [OK. I know it’s “fora” but that sounds too contrived] Without delving too deeply into the controversy behind this; basically it’s happening because thousands [if not millions] of people posting on internet forums were using the image hosting service Photobucket* which, without warning, recently did away with all its free image hosting offerings, replacing them instead with the above ransom note in graphic format, which links back to a page on Photobucket’s website, inviting people to pay up a wallet-raping $399 a year, if they ever want to see their images alive again.... [ Read More ]
Getting Stuff Into and Out of Your IOS Devices
12 May 2012
Being an Apple ‘fanboi’ of long standing [I got my first mac way back in ’93] I love my shiny iPhone and iPad. But one bugbear I have with these gadgets is the way that Apple makes it so difficult to get stuff on and off them, without either using only Apple apps, like the execrable iTunes or using clumsy workarounds such as emailing files back and forward as attachments.... [ Read More ]
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