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Nostradamus Corner 2016 the Post-Mortem
01 Jan 2017
Bloody Hell. Why did I ever start this nonsense! Well, loyal readership, [Yes, both of you!] here we are embarking on another new year and, before we throw entrails at our tea-leaves and sacrifice our prize otters to the Gods of Things to Come, it’s time to take a look at how we fared with last year’s predictions. With famous people dropping like flies for most of the year, surley even this jug-eared balloon must have got something right!... [ Read More ]
Nostradamus Corner 2015 the Post-Mortem
04 Jan 2016
Gosh. Doesn’t time fly! It seems like only a few months ago I was making my annual Nostradamus Corner predictions for 2015 after packing up my crystal ball to send in for servicing, when I gauged the accuracy of my previous year’s predictions. So, how did we do last year? Did I get my mojo back and unnerve the world with my uncanny abilities to peer into ‘the shape of things to come’?... [ Read More ]
Nostradamus Corner 2014 the Post-Mortem
31 Dec 2014
Hello there, dear readers tumbleweed! –and welcome to what has now become a bit of a tradition round my parts; namely my making a set of hopeless predictions for the year ahead, at the turn of the year. I’ll be making my risible predictions for next year tomorrow, but for now let’s see how I got on last year. Those of you out there of a gambling bent will soon realise that a good strategy to maximise your profitibility for the forthcoming solar soujourn is to note down my fuck-arsed visions of the future and then bet heavily on whatever the opposite of them all is.... [ Read More ]
This Year I Will...
03 Jan 2006
Do MORE “Good” stuff Do LESS “Bad” stuff I find it doesn’t do to get too tied down with detail and definitions!... [ Read More ]
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