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Why Complicate Things?
28 Jan 2016
As this site is built using a Static Site Generator, any changes I make to it [such as writing new drivel] requires re-uploading the site to my server [or at least those bits of it which have changed]. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I use Git for this process: firstly by pushing the ‘new stuff’ from my laptop up to a central repo, then by logging into my web server and pulling those changed files to the live site.... [ Read More ]
Amazon Seller Account
21 Sep 2015
Thought I’d have another go at registering for an Amazon Seller Account today, as I’ve a mountain of books I want to shift. The last couple of times I tried this feat, I ended up having to be committed to an insane asylum, after trying to chew my own head off in frustration. Luckily, before I was dragged away, screaming and kicking, by the men in white coats, I did manage to pen an email to Amazon support [at the end of June, to be precise] and I’m sure that, busy as they must be, I’ll be receiving a reply a-n-y… d-a-y… n-o-w!... [ Read More ]
Slaving Over a Hot Keyboard
03 Dec 2004
Well, there’s nothing like a bout of enforced poverty to get the creative juices flowing! Work has been a bit thin on the ground over the past few weeks. What with Christmas being just round the corner [I think it started in early November this year!] people are obviously saving the money they’d usually spend on vital necessities like websites and programming on idle frippery like booze and mince pies instead.... [ Read More ]
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