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World Cup 2018 Cartoons
16 Jul 2018
In one of my habitual 'Moments of Madness' I resolved to draw a one-frame gag cartoon every day for the duration of the World Cup…​ well, every day there was a match! Needless to say, after barely a week, this became a tedious chore. Not helped by the twin facts that: A: I’m not interested in football, at all B: I miscalculated the length of the tournament and thought it only lasted a fortnight... [ Read More ]
Remember Superstars?
24 Sep 2015
Apropos of nothing, other than the usual random thought, flitting unbidden across my vacant skull; Does anyone remember the TV series Superstars from the 1970s? Even the titles oozed seventies grooviness! It was hosted by Ron Pickering and took the form of a contest wherein a variety of well-known sportsmen would compete against each other in a series of athletic challenges. I think it must have had some kind of tournament structure, as I seem to remember that the winners each week went through to the next round and there was some kind of final at the end.... [ Read More ]
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