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Come and Have a Go...
11 Jan 2011
..if you think you’re art enough! If you think you’ve got an eye for colour and graphic design, check out the Munsell Hue Test and see how you get on. I scored a whopping 99,4% – Go me! ... [ Read More ]
Let's Paint the Town... Er...
04 Aug 2006
Phew! -Had to be careful I didnae infringe any copyrights there! Like most households in the UK I wasnae surprised to receive this leaflet earlier in the week, wherein Royal Mail dress up their latest price increases as some kind of “modernisation” of the mail handling system. What I did find somewhat more startling tho’ was when I saw that, according to the small print on the back of the leaflet, the Royal Mail have apparently registered “The Colour Red” as a trademark.... [ Read More ]
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