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Get Ready for Brexit –Spoof Poster Competition
12 Oct 2019
The campaign group “Led by Donkeys” organised a competition on Twitter for folks to come up with their own spoof versions of the UK Government’s risible “Get Ready for Brexit” poster campaign. I thought I’d give it a whirl and submitted a few versions. [The last couple were ones I had floating around in my noggin and worked up after the compo finished]. [It’s a slideshow. So click on the thumbnail and use your arrow keys to navigate —or swipe, if you’re on mobile]... [ Read More ]
09 Mar 2011
A bit short notice –the deadline is 14th March– but there’s a competition on the TUC website at the mo’ to make a 60 second film [which presumably could be an animation or other moving image piece] on the theme of the current government cuts. £500 prize up for grabs and the winning entry to be played on a on the big screen at Hyde Park as part of the TUC rally March for the Alternative on the 26th March 2011.... [ Read More ]
Madra 'Unfunny' - Official!
30 Jun 2005
Well, yesterday I received an email from the BBC with the shortlist of 36 people who made it through to the final of the Last Laugh competition and my name was conspicuous by its absence. This means that I am officially a “Witless Drudge” with all the writing ability of a “Prepubescent Teenager who has been educated from birth via the medium of SMS text messages”. But you already knew that, didn’t you?... [ Read More ]
Don't Give Up the Day Job
01 May 2005
Well, after a couple of weeks of writing, scrunching up, rewriting, revising, scrunching up, rewriting, un-rewriting, un-scrunching, editing, rewriting and going back to what was originally there in the first friggin’ place, I finally decided to stop tweaking and uploaded my entry for the BBC’s Last Laugh competition. I did an ending to “The old Guys”]. Now, I’ve just got to sit back for a couple o months and wait for fame and fortune to come a-knocking at the door and then I’ll never again have to waste precious minutes composing this tedious drivel [that no fucker ever reads anyway!... [ Read More ]
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