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Introducing ReCRAPTCHA
14 Jan 2018
I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m getting heartily sick of those irritating “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA tests, which seem to be cropping up with more and more frequency on the intarwebs, of late. On almost every site on which I have to complete some kind of form, I’m forced to present my corporeal credentials by clicking my way through at least one —and more often two or three— screens full of those damned things, before I can proceed.... [ Read More ]
AdAnnoyed 005
09 Aug 2011
You’ll never go far wrong in this world, founding a business on the premise of offering lazy fatties the promise of achieving the body of a Greek God, without actually having to put any effort in. Behold, the “Fitflop”, the shoe that miraculously slims, tones and [apparently] lengthens your legs, while you concentrate on shuffling round your local Arndale Centre, stuffing your face with McDonalds and Coke [diet, of course!].... [ Read More ]
18 Jul 2006
The first in an occasional series, whereby we take a piss-poor advert for some nondescript product, which for no apparent reason features some vacant bimbo looking like she’s in the middle of a multiple orgasm - and draw a big hairy cock on it, in best prepubescent schoolboy fashion! Is it wit? - Is it satire? - Is it biting social commentary? Possibly not - but it’s what was going through the mind of that creativity-vacuum known as the “Advertising Executive” when he thought up this risible attempt to make you subconsciously associate “Thrusting a hot sweaty RAM card into your computer’s eagerly awaiting slot” with …er… whatever it is people do with Girls of the Opposite Gender.... [ Read More ]
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