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2nd November 2019 Cartoon Roundup
02 Nov 2019
Here’s another one of my occasional ‘Cartoon Roundups’, wherein I treat my vast readership to a motley mélange of miserable daubs, which I’ve produced over the previous few weeks or months and which aren’t fileable under any other collection. 06th April 2019 An artist’s rendition of whichever horse I’ve backed on any year, arriving for the start of the Grand National. 21st April 2019 At this special time of year, I think it’s important to remember those who don’t subscribe to the universally held orthodoxy.... [ Read More ]
08 May 2015
Apropos of nothing much really. Just a couple of cartoons I scribbled yesterday and stuck on my Twatter feed throughout the day –to nail my apathetic colours to the “None of the Above” mast. ... [ Read More ]
US Election Coverage
29 Aug 2008
One of the unfortunate consequences of living in the Fifty-first State of America is that we have to suffer the ball-grinding tedium that goes along with -not one but two!- general election campaigns. As well as watching the snivelling antics of our own bunch of cretins, we also have to suffer prolonged and in-depth coverage of the motherland’s election. If a US presidential wannabe farts. Britain needs to be told the flavour!... [ Read More ]
Political Cartoon No. 002
31 May 2005
Today’s offering casts a wry look at the forthcoming Conservative Party Leadership Election: ... [ Read More ]
Political Cartoon No. 001
30 May 2005
This is the first in an occasional series of politically and socially motivated cartoons, wherein I shall be bringing my colossal intellect and rapier-like wit to bear upon contemporary issues. Here we see a damning indictment on the recent re-election of Tony Blair ... [ Read More ]
Spoiling Tactics
05 May 2005
... [ Read More ]
None of the Above
26 Apr 2005
Just got my Postal Ballot through the door this morning -not that I have any intention of voting in the General [or any other] Election. Barely had the ballot paper landed on the doormat, when it was followed shortly afterwards by an avalanche of leaflets from the various candidates. I don’t know why they even bother wasting the money printing this shite up [Although judging from the grotty, smudgy, sub church newsletter offerings from a few of the smaller parties, not everyone exactly broke the bank, publicising their pipedreams].... [ Read More ]
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