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Using Flickr for Forum Image Hosting
12 Jan 2018
TOC Intro and Miscellaneous Froth-Lipped Ranting Flickr? Why Flickr? Uploading to Flickr Getting the Address of an Image on Flickr Using Your Flickr Image on a Forum Troubleshooting Intro and Miscellaneous Froth-Lipped Ranting By now, probably everyone has come across one of these lovely graphics, whilst perusing their favourite internet forums [OK. I know it’s “fora” but that sounds too contrived] Without delving too deeply into the controversy behind this; basically it’s happening because thousands [if not millions] of people posting on internet forums were using the image hosting service Photobucket* which, without warning, recently did away with all its free image hosting offerings, replacing them instead with the above ransom note in graphic format, which links back to a page on Photobucket’s website, inviting people to pay up a wallet-raping $399 a year, if they ever want to see their images alive again.... [ Read More ]
Fanatic Fantastic
29 May 2011
The great thing about the intarwebs is that, whatever the subject area, you’ll find it has a dedicated following. These guys are so fanatical about their VWs that they’ve set up a forum to discuss everything about VW. T’would be a churlish man indeed who would point out that it’s spelt “volkswagen” and not “volkswagon” —especially when they’ve made that nice banner and registered the domain name and everything.... [ Read More ]
Busman's Holiday
03 Jan 2011
Damn! - cannae believe it’s back to the day job again tomorrow, after my all-too-brief Christmas break. However, I’ve not been idle over the holidays. As I’ve alluded to before, I’ve been busy working on one of the websites I run; namely, the Appletalker Discussion Forum. I’ve switched the site from using the Unclassified Newsboard [UNB] forum software to using the Simple Machines Forum [SMF] forum software. For two reasons mainly;... [ Read More ]
Button Loon
24 Dec 2010
I’ve been working on my forum website makeover for most of today again. Because I border on being OCD when it comes to how things look, I spent several hours designing a set of iPhone style buttons, just so I could replace a couple of minor buttons on the forum interface –as the built in ones were putrid Windoze style crappy gifs. I didnae design these from scratch, but based them on an iPad GUI template set very helpfully published by these folks.... [ Read More ]
Bracket Monkey
19 Dec 2010
Today I’ve been _“doing my brackets_”, as the missus calls it; trying to port the immensely popular *cough!* Appletalker Forum I run from its current Unclassified Newsboard [UNB] software [which has been abandoned by the developer] over to a new forum software, called Simple Machines Forum [SMF], which should future-proof Appletalker for at least the forseeable future and –even more importantly– allow me to build a forum theme which formats up nicely on smartphones.... [ Read More ]
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