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Nostradamus Corner 2016
05 Jan 2016
OK. Let’s get this annual ‘Pantomime of Piss-Poor Prognostication’ out of the way. With last year’s predictions returning a record but still contemptible score of 3⁄10 on the Nostradam-O-Meter®, I could probably beat a typewriter-equipped chimpanzee over the head with a crystal ball until he produced some random gibberish –and still beat that total. But I’ve gone to all the trouble of getting my Mystic Meg outfit out of the wardrobe and squeezing into it.... [ Read More ]
MOSI Try Harder
23 Oct 2013
Today we sent our entire first year and Alex’s Level 3 Art & Design students off to the Museum of Science and Industry [or MOSI to its mates], to have a gander at the exciting sounding Creating the Illusion: Animation in the North West exhibition. To quote the blurb: Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall met at Granada Television in 1959, and founded Cosgrove Hall Films 20 years later. Without Cosgrove Hall, there would be no animation industry in Manchester today.... [ Read More ]
Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!
24 Dec 2005
To certain persons at City College Manchester who, for the sake of keeping my job, must sadly remain nameless - a heartfelt Christmas greeting: As I sit here with [literally!] £1,32 to my name in the bank, debating whether to settle for a single brussels sprout for Christmas dinner, or attempt to catch one of the mice I can hear scampering about in the attic and roast it over a roaring candle, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me over the past couple of months, to make this such a special Christmas…... [ Read More ]
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