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2nd November 2019 Cartoon Roundup
02 Nov 2019
Here’s another one of my occasional ‘Cartoon Roundups’, wherein I treat my vast readership to a motley mélange of miserable daubs, which I’ve produced over the previous few weeks or months and which aren’t fileable under any other collection. 06th April 2019 An artist’s rendition of whichever horse I’ve backed on any year, arriving for the start of the Grand National. 21st April 2019 At this special time of year, I think it’s important to remember those who don’t subscribe to the universally held orthodoxy.... [ Read More ]
A Final Scroodl Roundup
22 Sep 2012
Given that I have a terminal inability to draw hands [or feet], I thought it was about time I bit the bullet and actually tried to scribble a few paws, for my scroodl challenge. Yes, even I can be haunted by the disembodied voice of Alex, in my head, telling me to get out of my comfort zone! So, here are a few attempts I’ve made recently. Not great but, given that I am the undisputed ‘King of Crap Hands’, I’m relatively pleased with them.... [ Read More ]
Scroodl Roundup the Ireland Collection
22 Sep 2012
Some more scroodls. These ones are from August, when I was back in Ireland for a bit. ... [ Read More ]
YA Scroodl Roundup –Part One
22 Sep 2012
As is my wont, I’ve been neglecting this blog again, over the summer. I was going to post a roundup of all the doodles I’d done since the last update in my scroodl challenge [trying to upload a doodle a day for an entire year], on which I’ve now got under 100 days to go. But I’ve left it for far too long and reposting all the crap in a mighty roundup would take longer than the life-expectancy of the known universe.... [ Read More ]
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