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Introducing ReCRAPTCHA
14 Jan 2018
I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m getting heartily sick of those irritating “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA tests, which seem to be cropping up with more and more frequency on the intarwebs, of late. On almost every site on which I have to complete some kind of form, I’m forced to present my corporeal credentials by clicking my way through at least one —and more often two or three— screens full of those damned things, before I can proceed.... [ Read More ]
Blue Peter
30 Aug 2007
Amongst the usual wheelbarrow loads of spam I’ve been getting in my intray over the past week or three, there’s been several dozen with a subject line consisting of some variation on the theme “My boyfriends’ <insert slang name for willy> is so big… yadda… yadda…”. I don’t actually know what the rest of the line is, as it gets cut off by the edge of my email app window and - needless to say - I just delete spam without looking at it, but one thing I did find mildly amusing: where the *<slang name for willy> *appears in the subject line, I’ve seen all the usual suspects used; ‘Penis’, ‘Cock’, ‘Wang’, ‘Pecker’, and so on.... [ Read More ]
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