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Cracking the BBC's GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge, Revisited
02 Jan 2017
image credit: … just to show I can code badly in more than one language! This post is a follow up to my smash hit Cracking The BBC’S GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge With Python I made an abortive attempt to learn Go / Golang last year but never really got anywhere with it. Mainly, I think, because I tried to do too much fancy stuff too soon and got right in over my head, in a morass of package imports and more syntax than I could take on board at once.... [ Read More ]
Cracking the BBC's GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge With Python
03 Dec 2016
image credit: BBC NOTE: There’s now a follow-up to this post, wherein I recreate this bumbling incompetency in Go /Golang TOC The Challenge 1st Attempt: Pencil and Paper Enter Python Python: Failed Attempt 01 Python: Failed Attempt 02 Python: Success! The Solution The Challenge A week or so ago, to tie in with Radio4’s GCHQ: Minority Report documentary, the BBC published a code-breaking challenge set by GCHQ.... [ Read More ]
Fuckwitts' Corner No.217
28 Apr 2011
Dear Tumblr What, in the name of Beelzebubb and all his legions, is the point of providing an HTML editing button for posts, if you strip out any custom code we write, anyway? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: ... [ Read More ]
Set Up Tracking for Your Blog
04 Dec 2007
In ten… Oh, alright then eleven simple steps. One of the lesser known goodies that you gain access to, when you sign up for a Google account is Google Analytics - a service which lets you track visitors to your blog and view lots of interesting geeky detail about them, such as where in the world they surfed in from, what browser they used and the ego-bruising bottom line; ‘How many people are actually reading this crap?... [ Read More ]
First Tweakage
03 Dec 2007
Inveterate tinkerer that I am, I wasnae able to leave the default template alone for long. Although it’s the cleanest looking of the templates available, there were a few things about it which bugged me, so I made some initial adjustments. No doubt I’ll be returning to tinker at a later date. For now I’ve: Moved the sidebar to the left - where it should be [IMHO] Widened the whole layout.... [ Read More ]
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