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World Cup 2018 Cartoons
16 Jul 2018
In one of my habitual 'Moments of Madness' I resolved to draw a one-frame gag cartoon every day for the duration of the World Cup…​ well, every day there was a match! Needless to say, after barely a week, this became a tedious chore. Not helped by the twin facts that: A: I’m not interested in football, at all B: I miscalculated the length of the tournament and thought it only lasted a fortnight... [ Read More ]
The Only Thing You Done Was Yesterday
03 May 2006
Ah! -the stench of xenophobia in the air! There must be another football tournament featuring England and Germany, on the horizon. Time to start digging through the history books again! Channel Five set the ball rolling [Geddit?!] and lived up to their usual sub-tabloid standards with their trailers for the "England v. Germany" episode of the Pitched Battles football history series last week, by cutting the trailers so that a clip of the pre-war German team flourishing Nazi salutes was immediately followed by a grinning England team holding aloft the World Cup.... [ Read More ]
Best Poem Ever [Geddit?]
04 Dec 2005
Further to yesterday’s post about George Best’s funeral and noting Callum Best’s emotional reading of the Newtownabbey Advertiser standard poem sent in to him by a member of the public, I am minded to pay my own tribute in verse form. From the distant cobweb bedecked corners of my brain, comes the memory of a rhyme which did the rounds for a few months while I was a snotty-nosed pupil at Mossley Primary School back in the 1970s.... [ Read More ]
So Farewell Then, Georgie Best
03 Dec 2005
I was fully prepared to be cynical when I saw you were being given what amounted to a state funeral back home in Belfast. Those being usually the preserve of deceased political and religious leaders, not someone who was merely quite good at kicking a leather ball around a field. OK. So you made us proud that our pathetic fucked up wee country could produce someone universally recognised as the greatest footballer in the world, but you let us down time and time again and embarrassed us over and over with your drunken antics.... [ Read More ]
From Our Nostradamus Department
08 Jan 2005
Last night I dreamt that I was sitting by the touchline, waiting for this summer’s FA Cup Final to start and, as is customary with dreams, was having an endless cycle of frustration -in this case, trying to connect my laptop to my online bookies to put a bet on before the match started. In the dream, The Final was between Everton and Middlesbro' and I was trying to bet on Middlesbro'.... [ Read More ]
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