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Twitter Laughs in the Face of GDPR Regulation
18 Mar 2020
Image credit: One morning at the beginning of January, I opened my @stiobhart Twitter account as usual for a quick peruse of what was happening in 'The Inconsequentialverse' and was surprised to see an alert popping up which said "Your account is suspended and not permitted to perform this action". As the only "action" I was 'performing' was clicking on the various 'News', 'Trending' etc, tabs to see what was going on in the world, I thought it was just one of those glitches in the matrix.... [ Read More ]
Ireland Sketchbook 2015
22 Sep 2015
I always have great intentions to produce some worthwhile art while I’m on holiday –and not just spend the entire time pickling my liver and eating lard by the wheelbarrowful. In reality, if I produce anything at all of an even vaguely artistic bent, it’s usually 'sub-back-of-an-envelope' scrawlings, which make mockery of the selfless sacrifice made by the trees who gave their lives that I might have something to daub upon.... [ Read More ]
Hoots, Mon. Roots, Mon!
17 Mar 2015
Over the weekend, as is my occasional wont, I did a bit of genealogical research [my mammy is the main 'Ancestor Hunter' in the family, but I like to stick my oar in occasionally]. Anyway, I stumbled upon a surprising new fact, which has completely changed what I’d always assumed to be my genetic inheritence. Up until the weekend, I’d thought my lineage went thus: Finest pedigree purebred mongrel But I’ve just discovered that my granny on my dad’s side wasn’t descended from a long line of Scots after all.... [ Read More ]
Lá 'Le Phadaí Shona Daoibh
17 Mar 2015
Mar is gnath liom. Is é inniú an lá aonar sa bhliain nuair atá iarracht orm 'post' a scríobhann as gaeilge. Mar is gnath liom fréisín, is níos mó "briste" na "cliste" é. Ach…​ "Lá 'le Phaidí Shona le Mo Léitheoirí go Leir" Sea. Tá seo an pictiúr céanna le na bliana seo caite…​ agus an bhliain roimhe sin…​ agus an bhliain roimhe sinse…​ Ach déireann siad go 'Athchúrsáil Maith don Chomhshaol'!... [ Read More ]
Scroodl Roundup the Ireland Collection
22 Sep 2012
Some more scroodls. These ones are from August, when I was back in Ireland for a bit. ... [ Read More ]
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