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TUTORIAL: Obama 'Hope' Style Poster Effect
29 Mar 2017
Intro This tutorial post comes apropos of the fact that, the other day, the missus asked me to help her with creating custom patterned swatches in Illustrator. When I noseyed as to why she wanted to do this, she told me she was following an online tutorial for creating the effect used in that iconic Obama “Hope” poster. Obama 'Hope' poster by Shepard Fairey Interest piqued, I took a quick look at the tutorial and saw that it was far more complicated than it needed to be; involving the aforementioned custom patterns, loads of intricate pen tool work and god knows what else.... [ Read More ]
Not Your Usual Weekly Scroodl Round-Up
13 Apr 2012
As I’ve been enjoying a well-deserved week off work for Easter, I’ve been able to devote a bit more time, than the usual half-arsed effort at the end of the day, to my daily scroodls this week. So, I did a mini set, still featuring my fuckwitted creations, Wanderbury & co. but paying homage to iconic movie posters. See how many of them you can get. ——-... [ Read More ]
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