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30 Jan 2019
Around the end of July, I came across an account on Twatter called @StudioTeaBreak who set a number of artistic challenges throughout the week, for folks to have a go at. One that took my fancy was one they call #PortraitChallenge whereby, every Thursday, @StudioTeaBreak post a famous [or not so famous] painting, sculpture or whatever which could be considered a "portrait" and then, anyone who fancies a go at it either copies the portrait or produces their own interpretation of it.... [ Read More ]
World Cup 2018 Cartoons
16 Jul 2018
In one of my habitual 'Moments of Madness' I resolved to draw a one-frame gag cartoon every day for the duration of the World Cup…​ well, every day there was a match! Needless to say, after barely a week, this became a tedious chore. Not helped by the twin facts that: A: I’m not interested in football, at all B: I miscalculated the length of the tournament and thought it only lasted a fortnight... [ Read More ]
REVIEW: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
26 Jan 2011
While I was working on my [to be honest, pretty risible] entry for the Sketchbook Project, over the Chrimbo holidays, I did a wee bit of doodling using a brush and Indian Ink. a technique I used to be quite into ‘back in the day’ when I was a callow youth at Art Collge, but which I hadnae used that often since. There’s something really satisfying about the physical craft of laying down lines of treacly black, lovely thick and gloopy Indian Ink, using a brush; controlling the thickness of the lines with tiny variations in pressure and then waiting for it to dry, leaving a slightly raised bead of lightproof, waterproof permanent black on the paper.... [ Read More ]
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