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TUTORIAL: Obama 'Hope' Style Poster Effect
29 Mar 2017
Intro This tutorial post comes apropos of the fact that, the other day, the missus asked me to help her with creating custom patterned swatches in Illustrator. When I noseyed as to why she wanted to do this, she told me she was following an online tutorial for creating the effect used in that iconic Obama “Hope” poster. Obama 'Hope' poster by Shepard Fairey Interest piqued, I took a quick look at the tutorial and saw that it was far more complicated than it needed to be; involving the aforementioned custom patterns, loads of intricate pen tool work and god knows what else.... [ Read More ]
Button Loon
24 Dec 2010
I’ve been working on my forum website makeover for most of today again. Because I border on being OCD when it comes to how things look, I spent several hours designing a set of iPhone style buttons, just so I could replace a couple of minor buttons on the forum interface –as the built in ones were putrid Windoze style crappy gifs. I didnae design these from scratch, but based them on an iPad GUI template set very helpfully published by these folks.... [ Read More ]
I Do It My Way - A Blogger Workflow
02 Jul 2009
[NOTE: This article has been somewhat ‘Overtaken by Events’ - the latest version of Blogger has actually fixed a lot of the long-standing bugs and annoyances mentioned below. That said, I still tend to compose most of my more longwinded posts using the methods here. I’ve just never really taken to composing directly ‘in-browser’] Here is a quick outline of the procedure I use when preparing an article for a blog hosted on Blogger, of which there are several to which I contribute my words of infinite wisdom.... [ Read More ]
Random Photoshop Tip - Straightening Wonky Horizontals [Or Verticals]
07 Dec 2007
We’ve all got photographs were the horizontals or verticals aren’t quite perpendicular. You can try to avoid this problem by not taking photographs while drunk but it’s much more fun to use Photoshop to fix things up later. This tip also works for teetotallers who just cannae get their perpendiculars perpendicular either. 1. First find an afflicted image. Here’s one I’ve deliberately ‘wonkified’ to an exaggerated degree. If your horizons are consistently sloping this much, maybe try a lower strength beer.... [ Read More ]
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