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World Cup 2018 Cartoons
16 Jul 2018
In one of my habitual 'Moments of Madness' I resolved to draw a one-frame gag cartoon every day for the duration of the World Cup…​ well, every day there was a match! Needless to say, after barely a week, this became a tedious chore. Not helped by the twin facts that: A: I’m not interested in football, at all B: I miscalculated the length of the tournament and thought it only lasted a fortnight... [ Read More ]
Remember Superstars?
24 Sep 2015
Apropos of nothing, other than the usual random thought, flitting unbidden across my vacant skull; Does anyone remember the TV series Superstars from the 1970s? Even the titles oozed seventies grooviness! It was hosted by Ron Pickering and took the form of a contest wherein a variety of well-known sportsmen would compete against each other in a series of athletic challenges. I think it must have had some kind of tournament structure, as I seem to remember that the winners each week went through to the next round and there was some kind of final at the end.... [ Read More ]
Review: Starsky and Hutch
06 May 2012
Boyz on the Hoods [That was a clever pun, for my American readers!] Seeing as it’s a proven scientific fact that all popular culture created after the mid 1990s is complete shite, I’ve resorted to downloading complete TV series of classic television from ‘the good old days’ off the internet, to give me something to gawp at while shovelling my dinner into my gob, of an evening. At the moment, I’m working my way through all four seasons of the 1970s cop show, Starsky & Hutch and I thought I’d share the delights of this old classic with those of you, amongst my vast readership, who are unaware of this televisual delight.... [ Read More ]
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