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Society6 Steals From Artists
05 Nov 2018
Original image credit: Atlas Obscura The Print-on-Demand T&C Minefield Over the years that I’ve been hawking my artistic pussy via a number of online Print-on-Demand sites, I’ve had the occasional run in with the legal teams running the sites. It’s all to easy to accidentally infringe one of their terms and conditions as they all have various rules and regulations as to what they will and will not allow; Adult themes, Copyright infringement, Offensive material, Objectionable content, Similarity to existing designs, etc.... [ Read More ]
TUTORIAL: Obama 'Hope' Style Poster Effect
29 Mar 2017
Intro This tutorial post comes apropos of the fact that, the other day, the missus asked me to help her with creating custom patterned swatches in Illustrator. When I noseyed as to why she wanted to do this, she told me she was following an online tutorial for creating the effect used in that iconic Obama “Hope” poster. Obama 'Hope' poster by Shepard Fairey Interest piqued, I took a quick look at the tutorial and saw that it was far more complicated than it needed to be; involving the aforementioned custom patterns, loads of intricate pen tool work and god knows what else.... [ Read More ]
We're All in This Together
06 Oct 2015
Tools of the trade Flushed with the success of my foray into porcine punning yesterday, which received no less than a collosal FOUR! re-tweets on Twitter [and three of them weren’t even me!] –I decided to return to the fray today, with another cartoon inspired by the Conservative Party Conference, taking place just down the road at the mo’. As with yesterday’s, I’ll show you the finished cartoon first and then anyone who’s still awake and interested in ‘artistic gestation’ can read on for the Work-in-Progress report.... [ Read More ]
05 Oct 2015
A tidy desk is the sign of an untidy mind When the missus mentioned the ‘Piggate’ scandal to me this morning, I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a go at a wee bit of a topical political cartoon. Yes, I know “topical” is stretching it a bit, but I’ve not been paying much attention to the news over the past week or so. So it was ‘topical news’ for me.... [ Read More ]
In Praise of Skeuomorphism
23 Mar 2015
One of the big changes that was trumpeted across the geek press, when Apple announced OSX Yosemite was Apple’s decision to do away with any hint of ‘Skeuomorphism’ in the look of the OS. Flattely will get you nowhere! In a software setting, skeuomorphism means designing a software interface so it looks like a real world object. So, for example, a diary application might present an interface which looks like a leather bound ledger, or a calendar app might animate the turning pages of a calendar as you flip through its screens.... [ Read More ]
Angels and Devils
08 Oct 2013
Yesterday we wheeled out our newly traditional Destroy Project with the 1st years, wherein they ‘destroy’ studio portraits of themselves. I didn’t have time to join in this year, but see last year’s write-up for more background info. The results were mixed: some nice imaginative ideas and creativity on display but, as always, a lot of the work was let down by terrible hand-rendered typography. Today’s task was a remix of the Destroy Project but with more focus on layout and typography:... [ Read More ]
Animation Street
30 Sep 2013
This task was the next step in our attempts to get the students to think about using pattern and illustration to fill in areas of a design. The Sardinhas and My Dream Course tasks had both focussed on filling an internal shape. This task was intended to revisit our old friend ‘negative space’ by requiring the students to fill in the space around a piece of artwork. In the morning session, each student worked from a photograph of their house to produce a line-art version of their humble abode.... [ Read More ]
Something Fishy
30 Sep 2013
A while back I stumbled across the Sardines competition organised as part of the Festas de Lisboa. The concept is really simple: download an outline drawing of a sardine and then fill it with whatever springs to your creative mind. We thought it might be a good exercise for the students, to get them experimenting with pattern and design. There was quite a lot of productivity and creative work produced –but unfortunately none of it came from my end of the room.... [ Read More ]
IOS Prototyping Prerequisites
15 Mar 2013
For the delight and delectation of those who attended Part 01 of my sessions on iOS Prototyping yesterday –part two at the same time next week!– here is a summary of the bits’n’bobs you’ll need set up, if you want to ‘try this at home’. Adobe Fireworks As this is part of the Creative Suite, you should have this already –provided you’ve stolen bought the rest of suite.... [ Read More ]
Busman's Holiday
26 Apr 2011
Even though i’m supposed to be on holiday for the next week, I cannae resist tinkering on the intarwebs. So today i’ve given my Tumblr blog a bit of a make-over: Before: After: Widened the layout. There was s-o-o-o much wasted space in the old one. I think it was about 700px wide altogether. My new one is 1000px wide. Changed styling of post title, footer bars and sidebar headings to make them look a bit more ‘labelly’, which is kinda the look I’m going for.... [ Read More ]
Career Opportunities
16 Mar 2011
Anyone fancy a design job working for a small unheard of startup company? According to Behance, there’s one going here ... [ Read More ]
It's Funny, Coz It's True
02 Mar 2011
Interesting article on Mashable, looking at the current crop of design clichés in the world of website logos: Linky... [ Read More ]
Retro Heaven
12 Feb 2011
I’ve just come across this great blog, packed full of all kinds of retro design work, ranging from book & album covers to advertising, clothing catalogues and technology, etc. Retrospace I’ve always loved the style of book covers and magazine illustrations from the 40s-60s, especially Sci-Fi or trashy ‘adult’ stuff. I mean… _‘Nazi Fraulein Werewolves’_… what’s not to like?: …There are also some things [mostly dating from the 70s] that make you want to sew your eyelids shut:... [ Read More ]
Lateral Thinking
14 Jan 2011
I spotted this ‘Be seen in the dark’ sticker on a bike outside college before. Nothing particularly interesting about it, on first appearance, but my curiosity was idly piqued by the choice of a Cheshire Cat, as opposed to any other cartoon animal or object. Then I remembered the characteristic of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland: ..when [Alice] noticed a curious appearance in the air: it puzzled her very much at first, but, after watching it a minute or two, she made it out to be a grin, and she said to herself `It’s the Cheshire Cat: now I shall have somebody to talk to’…... [ Read More ]
Busman's Holiday
03 Jan 2011
Damn! - cannae believe it’s back to the day job again tomorrow, after my all-too-brief Christmas break. However, I’ve not been idle over the holidays. As I’ve alluded to before, I’ve been busy working on one of the websites I run; namely, the Appletalker Discussion Forum. I’ve switched the site from using the Unclassified Newsboard [UNB] forum software to using the Simple Machines Forum [SMF] forum software. For two reasons mainly;... [ Read More ]
Button Loon
24 Dec 2010
I’ve been working on my forum website makeover for most of today again. Because I border on being OCD when it comes to how things look, I spent several hours designing a set of iPhone style buttons, just so I could replace a couple of minor buttons on the forum interface –as the built in ones were putrid Windoze style crappy gifs. I didnae design these from scratch, but based them on an iPad GUI template set very helpfully published by these folks.... [ Read More ]
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