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4th March 2019 Cartoon Roundup
04 Mar 2019
Another one of my periodical roundups, featuring other wee bits and bobs I’ve done in amongst my #PortraitChallenge efforts. 8th December 2018 Brexit—the gift that keeps on giving! Here’s a super present idea for Christmas. Guaranteed hours of ennui for all the family! 11th January 2019 They say today’s news headlines are tomorrow’s fish & chip wrapper. And, sometimes, yesterday’s #PortraitChallenge is today’s washing up. ++++ ++++ 15th January 2019 Hilarious hospital themed cartoon.... [ Read More ]
30 Jan 2019
Around the end of July, I came across an account on Twatter called @StudioTeaBreak who set a number of artistic challenges throughout the week, for folks to have a go at. One that took my fancy was one they call #PortraitChallenge whereby, every Thursday, @StudioTeaBreak post a famous [or not so famous] painting, sculpture or whatever which could be considered a "portrait" and then, anyone who fancies a go at it either copies the portrait or produces their own interpretation of it.... [ Read More ]
National Selfie Day
21 Jun 2018
According to the Twitterati, today was "National Selfie Day". Because it’s always "National <fucking something > Day" on Twatter —and people definitely need more encouragement to fill the internets up with vacuous pouting orange-faced selfies. But still. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. So here is my contribution to the Exhibition of Egoism. First of all, one I found in an old sketchbook from 20 odd years ago.... [ Read More ]
Character Design
26 Mar 2014
This week, it was time to roll out the new Character Design unit, or Introduction to Methods, Materials and Making Processes, to give it its show name. We kicked off with the old classic 25 Expressions worksheets. Before springing it on them, I gave the students about 25 mins to come up with a character and then draw him/her/it [head only] from the front. As I’m not a complete bastard, I did give the students a few clues before they started, which would make for more “expressionable” characters, such as advising them to use the full complement of facial features and maybe also include eyebrows or ears, etc.... [ Read More ]
Speed Life Drawing
16 Oct 2013
Today we embarked on a nice intensive Life Drawing session. It wasn’t your traditional life drawing session though. For one, this was ‘speed’ life drawing, so we didn’t have the luxury of spending an hour at a time gazing at our ‘models’. Secondly, all our models remained fully clothed at all times --which was probably for the best, if the vision that confronts me in the bathroom mirror of a morning is anything to go by.... [ Read More ]
Another [Academic] Year Over... and a New One Just Begun
23 Sep 2013
[with apologies to John Lennon] Well, here we go again folks. After an inexcusable hiaitus from posting during the summer, your favourite half-witted lecturer is back again, pencils sharpened and raring to. In other words: I’m a firm believer in the principle of not asking other folks to do something you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself so, as ever I’ll be mucking in with my students [whenever tedious spreadsheet-sucking duties allow] in the various design challenges we set them during the coming year.... [ Read More ]
Shameless Pluggage.
02 Jan 2013
Hey you! -yes, you over there with the stupid face! Isn’t it about time you did something constructive with your life, instead of sitting there, picking your nose and writing “LOL” and “ROFL” on FacePuke all day? Well now, thanks to the miraculous properties of the scroodl challenge, you can! The scroodl challenge involves committing yourself to doing some kind of a doodle and uploading it to the scroodl website, every day for a whole year.... [ Read More ]
The Great Sketchbook Project Rip-Off
23 Jul 2011
I’m feeling pretty pissed off this morning. After writing previously [on a couple of occasions] about The Sketchbook Project and my mixed feelings about it, postie has just delivered my sketchbook for this year’s outing --and I’ve got to say that $25 for the tiny, sorry looking sub-school exercise book quality “sketchbook”, which tumbled out of the envelope, is a fucking joke. I had some correspondence by email last year, with the organisers of The Sketchbook Project, with regards to their describing 2011’s sketchbooks as Moleskines, when they were patently nothing but cheap knock-off copies.... [ Read More ]
Digitisation Across the Nation
08 Jul 2011
As I’ve mentioned previously, I participated in The Sketchbook Project last year and, in true student fashion, failed miserably to complete mine in the allotted time --although, in my defence, I did only hear about the project about a month or so before the deadline. Anyway, at the time I entered the project, I stumped up the extra twenty greenbacks to have my sketchbook digitised. As the months zipped past from last year’s submission date, I alternated between forgetting all about it and thinking I’d been ripped off, when visits to the project website eternally promised that ‘digitisation of submissions’ was under way, without providing much in the way of evidence for this.... [ Read More ]
Premature Felicitation
24 Dec 2010
Seeing as how I’ll be doing the rounds tomorrow; stuffing my face with booze and food, and unlikely to be going anywhere near the comp to upload this, you’ll have to accept my Christmas greetings a bit early. Have a good one everybody and, as Tiny Tim would say: "Gawd bless us, one and all!" ... [ Read More ]
Bandwaggon Jumping
17 Nov 2010
Thanks to Karl tipping me the wink about this one via his blog post, I have also jumped upon The Sketchbook Project bandwaggon. Mine arrived yesterday, all the way from “Murka” - woohoo! After the inevitable "$25 for this flimsy piece of crap!…​ and is it even a real Moleskine?" outburst, upon opening the envelope, I got down to the maths; forty pages in the sketchbook to fill --or eighty if you want to be insane and work both sides of the paper-- and two months, almost to the day, until the 15 January deadline for posting it back.... [ Read More ]
Mastermind Sketch
16 Oct 2007
MASTERMIND SKETCH Interior. the familiar black chair, spotlit from above. A sweet-looking [if slightly bewildered] old biddy is sitting in the chair clutching her handbag defensively in front of her chest and smiling innocently at the quizmaster. The Mastermind theme tune could be fading out in the background. QUIZMASTER Your name please BIDDYEdith Bramble QUIZMASTER And your spe…​. EDITH [interrupting him] I’m ninety-seven, you know! QUIZMASTER Very good.... [ Read More ]
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