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4th March 2019 Cartoon Roundup
04 Mar 2019
Another one of my periodical roundups, featuring other wee bits and bobs I’ve done in amongst my #PortraitChallenge efforts. 8th December 2018 Brexit—the gift that keeps on giving! Here’s a super present idea for Christmas. Guaranteed hours of ennui for all the family! 11th January 2019 They say today’s news headlines are tomorrow’s fish & chip wrapper. And, sometimes, yesterday’s #PortraitChallenge is today’s washing up. ++++ ++++ 15th January 2019 Hilarious hospital themed cartoon.... [ Read More ]
30 Jan 2019
Around the end of July, I came across an account on Twatter called @StudioTeaBreak who set a number of artistic challenges throughout the week, for folks to have a go at. One that took my fancy was one they call #PortraitChallenge whereby, every Thursday, @StudioTeaBreak post a famous [or not so famous] painting, sculpture or whatever which could be considered a "portrait" and then, anyone who fancies a go at it either copies the portrait or produces their own interpretation of it.... [ Read More ]
Ireland Sketchbook 2015
22 Sep 2015
I always have great intentions to produce some worthwhile art while I’m on holiday –and not just spend the entire time pickling my liver and eating lard by the wheelbarrowful. In reality, if I produce anything at all of an even vaguely artistic bent, it’s usually 'sub-back-of-an-envelope' scrawlings, which make mockery of the selfless sacrifice made by the trees who gave their lives that I might have something to daub upon.... [ Read More ]
Out of the Pens of Babes and Sucklings
10 Jun 2015
Portrait of the author as an old man The astute reader may remember the above illustration from such posts of mine as "Arse-Sum!". It was done by my wee niece when I was up visiting the in-laws over Christmas and is a portrait of your humble author. What many art critics don’t realise is that the piece is actually one half of a diptych --both halves of which I am lucky enough to have in my private collection.... [ Read More ]
Mr. WiPpy
11 Oct 2013
My second years were being quite self-directed today, scribbling away furiously in their sketchbbooks, so I got time to do a bit of sketchbook work myself. Here is some more Work-in-Progress on the previously mentioned branding exercise I set my BA students last week. My final idea is slowly coalescing inside my vacant skull. It’s going to be some kind of 1950s style retro-themed promotional material for a “Design-Bot” robot toy.... [ Read More ]
01 Oct 2013
This morning as a bit of a warm-up and loosen-off session to banish the memory of yesterday’s abortive Animation Street task, we had a session of that old classic parlour game “Taking Your Line For a Walk”. For the uninitiated, the idea is simple: each person scribbles on a piece of paper in front of them. The papers are then shuffled round in a variety of ways [to stop things becoming too predictable] so that everyone ends up staring blankly at someone else’s scribble, which has landed in front of them.... [ Read More ]
Shameless Pluggage.
02 Jan 2013
Hey you! -yes, you over there with the stupid face! Isn’t it about time you did something constructive with your life, instead of sitting there, picking your nose and writing “LOL” and “ROFL” on FacePuke all day? Well now, thanks to the miraculous properties of the scroodl challenge, you can! The scroodl challenge involves committing yourself to doing some kind of a doodle and uploading it to the scroodl website, every day for a whole year.... [ Read More ]
The Biggest Scroodl Roundup in All of Christendom
18 Jul 2012
`"..Bleedin ‘eck, Guv’nor --you’ve sure neglected to do this for a luvvaduck long while, an’ no bleedin’ mistake!…​`" OK, my lovelies. Fasten your seatbelts and sit back. Here goes the first part of what will likely turn out to be a bit of an avalanche of scroodl-catching-up. This covers the period from 8th - 17th May. Remember to keep your dangling appendages inside the carriage, at all times. The mighty scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days --or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called!... [ Read More ]
Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup --Part 02
11 May 2012
Here’s the next batch in '`Operation scroodl Catchup. This lot takes us from 24th April to 07th May. Now the smart boys and girls amongst you will have noticed that there are less scroodls here than there are days between those two dates. "What has happened?…​" I hear you cry, with your stupid faces twisted in confusion "Has our hero and role model failed in his challenge of doing a doodle every day for a year?... [ Read More ]
Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup --Part 01
11 May 2012
I’ve been neglecting my increasingly froth-lipped scroodl repostings of late and I have so many accumulated in the reserve stash that, when I tried to upload them all at once, all smoke started coming out of Tumblr and a man shouted "Hey, you! Stop that, or you’ll break the internet!" Anyway, here’s the first batch. these were originally posted on scroodl between 14th and 23rd April. As ever, top British secret agent Colonel Wanderbury features quite prominently, fighting his ongoing valiant rearguard action against the despicable Baron von Brücken-Stempfl and his invading hordes of Nazi triffids.... [ Read More ]
Not Your Usual Weekly Scroodl Round-Up
13 Apr 2012
As I’ve been enjoying a well-deserved week off work for Easter, I’ve been able to devote a bit more time, than the usual half-arsed effort at the end of the day, to my daily scroodls this week. So, I did a mini set, still featuring my fuckwitted creations, Wanderbury & co. but paying homage to iconic movie posters. See how many of them you can get. PS.... [ Read More ]
Fourteenth Weeks Worth of Scroodls
07 Apr 2012
You know the score, by now! The mighty Scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days --or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called! ... [ Read More ]
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