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Mentioned in Despatches 04 Nov 2010
Just for the record; the apps I mentioned this morning in relation to noseying around existing websites: Firebug Plugin for Firefox, which allows you to inspect elements on a webpage and see what code controls their layout and appearance and also lets you make changes to the code and see the results actually on the page. Download Here SiteSucker This app allows you to download entire [static] websites, preserving their folder structure.... [ Read More ]
Here's a Belated Hallowe'en One for You. 03 Nov 2010
Here’s a belated Hallowe’en one for you. ... [ Read More ]
Multi-Author Blogger = Suckage 27 Oct 2010
Why!, O why!, O why!, O why! [etc. ad infinitum] are Blogger -and by extension Google- so utterly determined to make it impossible for contributors to a multi-author blog to separate out their own posts? As you all know --or at least that fraction of you all who are my second year students, I have been wrestling with the problem of how to extract our individual contributions from last year’s multi-author PDP, so that we can import them into Tumblr.... [ Read More ]
D&AD Awards 2011 22 Oct 2010
@ 2nd Years: The D&AD briefs have gone online today. You can access them Here Remember kids, we want one of these for the staffroom windowsill! ... [ Read More ]
Comments 29 Sep 2009
Hi all. I have installed the Disqus comments system on the blog, so you should now be able to comment on each other’s posts, by clicking on the ‘comments’ text in the grey bar at the bottom of each post. I say '`should’ because I’ve had mixed experiences with Disqus before, on sites I’ve installed it on. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it makes me want to throw the computer through the f**king window.... [ Read More ]
I Do It My Way - A Blogger Workflow 02 Jul 2009
[NOTE: This article has been somewhat ‘Overtaken by Events’ - the latest version of Blogger has actually fixed a lot of the long-standing bugs and annoyances mentioned below. That said, I still tend to compose most of my more longwinded posts using the methods here. I’ve just never really taken to composing directly ‘in-browser’] Here is a quick outline of the procedure I use when preparing an article for a blog hosted on Blogger, of which there are several to which I contribute my words of infinite wisdom.... [ Read More ]
Memory, Man! 10 May 2009
Being the retarded thicko I am, I can never remember the correct order that the four ‘sides’ come in, when writing CSS shorthand. For example, instead of writing: .whatever { padding-top: 10px; padding-right: 5px; padding-bottom: 2px; padding-left: 0px; } The smart cookie CSS coder, does it with the following shorthand: .whatever { padding: 10px 5px 2px 0px; } My terminal inability to remember the order for the shorthand version is annoying enough when writing my own code, as I have to write the CSS out in full each time, but even more irritating when customising existing CSS code, coz I have to tweak each value in turn and then reload the page to see which was the ‘top’, which was the ‘left’ etc.... [ Read More ]
REVIEW: Red Dwarf Special 04 Apr 2009
My complete, considered, unabridged and in-depth review of Dave channel’s one-off Red Dwarf Special - 'The Return to Earth', shown last night on the aforementioned channel: "Oh Dear!" Has anyone else managed to stop cringeing yet? ... [ Read More ]
Cheesy Goodness 03 Jan 2009
Today has been a great day for comedy shopping. Not only did I discover the ultimate in Infidel-Crushing timepieces but also while doing a quick nip round Asda - I came across this magnificent product, which apparently sells like hotcakes to lonely widows and heavily moustacheod gentlemen in suspiciously tight leather trousers. I’ve heard there’s a Kosher version as well, but apparently there’s not nearly as much meat in it.</p>... [ Read More ]
They've Made You a Moron 06 Oct 2008
Former 'Coolest Man on the Planet' John Lydon’s descent into 'Z-lebrity' twattishness sinks to new depths, as he 'stars' in this cringe-making advert for Country Life butter, currently airing on British television. Perhaps it wouldnae be quite so excruciatingly embarrassing if the increasingly hypocritical cunt didnae keep turning up every five minutes on documentaries about Punk Rock - slagging off everyone else in the known universe, including most of the people who helped him get where he was in the first place, and trying to make out that he was the only one who ever meant it and never sold out.... [ Read More ]
US Election Coverage 29 Aug 2008
One of the unfortunate consequences of living in the Fifty-first State of America is that we have to suffer the ball-grinding tedium that goes along with -not one but two!- general election campaigns. As well as watching the snivelling antics of our own bunch of cretins, we also have to suffer prolonged and in-depth coverage of the motherland’s election. If a US presidential wannabe farts. Britain needs to be told the flavour!... [ Read More ]
Installing ERuby on Mac OSX Leopard 02 Apr 2008
I’ve seen several guides to installing eRuby on OSX - none of which I could get to work for Leopard. But after much trial and error, I’ve managed to get eRuby up and running on Leopard, using a special mix’n’match blend, culled from various bits of other tutorials on the web. So here is my guide to installing eRuby on OSX Leopard. As I say, this worked for me, when other guides didnae, but I’m not guaranteeing anything.... [ Read More ]
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