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Product Placement 11 Dec 2010
Ice-Cold in Alex is on Dave TV at the mo’. One of my all-time top five favourite movies. As well as being a ‘cracking good yarn’ I think the movie [made in 1958] must be one of the earliest and best examples of product placement ever. In fact, back when this movie was made, I’m not sure that product placement -as a concept-- would even have existed. Unfortunately, Dave TV have chosen to show the movie at completely the wrong time of year; this is a film best served on a hot sultry summer’s day, with an unopened bottle of cold beer waiting to hand.... [ Read More ]
Title Sequence Brief 10 Dec 2010
Just for reference purposes, here’s the playlist of the example Title Sequences we showed you, when introducing the Unit02 brief: Clickety-Poo [Whoops! - previous link was broken. This one should work. cheers Xiu Wei!] ... [ Read More ]
Review: Blinkbox Freebies 27 Nov 2010
ASDA [and apparently the Co-Op too] have currently got some 4-packs of Grolsch, with a promotional code, which allows you to watch an online movie for free on --a site I was hitherto unaware of. Me and the missus grabbed a pack last weekend and availed of the promo code to watch Avatar and see what all the fuss was about [Answer: not much, unless you like your allegories dumbed down to primary school level so that the Americans can ‘get it’ --but that’s a review for another day!... [ Read More ]
Check This Vid Out 17 Nov 2010
Check this vid out. Looks like the kind of thing an enterprising student might want to try. And I’m sure you could make one of those viewer thingies from a couple of pieces of clear plastic and a bit of glue and Cellotape: ... [ Read More ]
Perchance Bēhance Will Enhance 17 Nov 2010
…​Your prospects of finding work. I got quite excited this morning when I got an email which, on first glance, seemed to suggest that Beyoncé wanted me to join her. But when I re-read it, it turned out to be from a website called Bēhance, inviting me to create an online portfolio on their site. Living the sheltered existence I do, i’d never heard of Bēhance before today, but a quick look around the site suggests it’s kind of like LinkedIn for ‘24 Hour Arty’ people; You can put your portfolio online, pimp for work and connect with other like-minded individuals for fun evenings in, sitting round a roaring fire, talking about your favourite brand of oil pastels.... [ Read More ]
Bandwaggon Jumping 17 Nov 2010
Thanks to Karl tipping me the wink about this one via his blog post, I have also jumped upon The Sketchbook Project bandwaggon. Mine arrived yesterday, all the way from “Murka” - woohoo! After the inevitable "$25 for this flimsy piece of crap!…​ and is it even a real Moleskine?" outburst, upon opening the envelope, I got down to the maths; forty pages in the sketchbook to fill --or eighty if you want to be insane and work both sides of the paper-- and two months, almost to the day, until the 15 January deadline for posting it back.... [ Read More ]
Recession?... What Recession? 13 Nov 2010
While the rest of us are having to tighten our belts and cut down to half a bottle of meths and a small crack pipe a night, it’s comfortingly teethgrindingly annoying to know that there are still people in the world who can afford to spend nearly half a million quid on something that disnae actually exist. According to Yahoo News: …​stay as far away from online world Entropia Universe…​ because its real estate prices will drive you insane.... [ Read More ]
Screen Capture on Steroids 12 Nov 2010
Check out this pretty cool screengrabbing app, that i’ve just stumbled across. It’s called Layers and what sets it apart from the eleventy billion other screengrab apps out there is that it captures your screen to a layered Photoshop file: Every window, every dialogue box is captured and placed on its own layer - even the ones that are hidden behind other windows. even things like hard drives on the desktop, menubar icons and the cursor get their own layers --all nicely named and organised:... [ Read More ]
Interesting Vid 09 Nov 2010
Interesting vid from Cambridge University’s YouTube channel. Stephen Fry narrates a quick intro to the world of nanoscience. Fascinating subject and sprinkled throughout with some quite nice infographics. ... [ Read More ]
Evil Blood-Suckers 07 Nov 2010
I’m reading Dracula again at the moment and this time I remembered to mark a quote I’ve been meaning to note down, every time I’ve read the book, previously. First off, as given on several legal advice websites, a description of the rights of bailiffs: The bailiff cannot enter your house by force, but they can legally enter your property through open windows or unlocked doors, so make sure all your doors and windows are locked or closed!... [ Read More ]
No Need to Rub It In! 07 Nov 2010
So, after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 4,1 a couple of weeks back, I finally got round to checking out the new Game Center [sic] thingy this morning. After setting up an account, I was presented with this summary: Wow! - cheers Apple. Way to sum up a guy’s lifelong contribution to humanity, there! ... [ Read More ]
Re-v-Iew 06 Nov 2010
"People ought not to be afraid of their governments…​ Governments ought to be afraid of their people!`" Last night, in honour of Guy Fawkes night I rewatched the excellent V for Vendetta again. For those of you who have yet to see the film, it is based on a graphic novel of the same name and is the story of…​ well, how to sum it up? think 'Guy Fawkes meets 1984, by the makers of The Matrix' and you’ll be on the right lines.... [ Read More ]
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