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15 Apr 2011
Loathe tho’ I am to encourage idle frippery and the pursuit of happiness by my students, whilst they are anywhere near a computer –I thought some of you might be interested in this: The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle It’s a bundle of four games [supposedly all Mac, Linux and Windows compatible], being offered on a “Pay What you Want” basis. I dinnae bother with games myself. I much prefer to spend my idle time doing paperwork, but there ya go.... [ Read More ]
10 Apr 2011
Last Thursday, NMD & Animation students & staff went for a pint or six after college. Being the nerdy geeks we are, the subject of backing up your computer came up in conversation and I said I’d write something about it on the blog. So here it is: First off, if you’re not backing up your work, you’re an eejit. With so much of our lives stored in digital format these days, it’s madness to not have it backed up somewhere in case you fry your hard drive or have your computer stolen.... [ Read More ]
Vimeo Showreel
23 Mar 2011
Just to let you all know; the URL for the NMD/Animation pages on Vimeo has been changed. It’s now: and the showreel itself is at: [And yes, I will be starting to upload some of this year’s work soon!]... [ Read More ]
The Art of the Title Sequence
20 Mar 2011
[ Pity I didnae stumble across this one a few weeks back, when you were all working on your Title Sequence briefs, but still worth adding to your bookmarks anyway. I love the quote on the about page, which is spot on, coz it’s true: Remember when your heart sank just a little when you realised the Pink Panther movie wasn’t a cartoon? [ Read More ]
Bedtime Stories
19 Mar 2011
[Amazon linky] This is a pretty good book, if you want to do a bit of reading up on Infographics, ready for the next brief: As ever, I’ve absolutely no idea where you might find a snidey PDF copy [If there was a disc image containing this book at the above link –which, of course there isn’t!– I’d guess the password to open it would be the same as the one you use to login to the comps at college]... [ Read More ]
When Life Imitates Art [College]
19 Mar 2011
I think I may need a rest from Isometric/Isographic Perspective. After having spent the tail end of last week introducing its joys to to my students, I’m starting to see the damned stuff everywhere! Case in point. My latest phone bill: Check out the pattern inside the envelope: Aarrgggh!... [ Read More ]
Happy St. Pat's Day
17 Mar 2011
[Shamelessly recycled from last year!]... [ Read More ]
Career Opportunities
16 Mar 2011
Anyone fancy a design job working for a small unheard of startup company? According to Behance, there’s one going here ... [ Read More ]
09 Mar 2011
A bit short notice –the deadline is 14th March– but there’s a competition on the TUC website at the mo’ to make a 60 second film [which presumably could be an animation or other moving image piece] on the theme of the current government cuts. £500 prize up for grabs and the winning entry to be played on a on the big screen at Hyde Park as part of the TUC rally March for the Alternative on the 26th March 2011.... [ Read More ]
Street Sketchbook
05 Mar 2011
I thought this might be of interest to those of you who are interested in street art/grafitti. [Amazon linky ] I’ve heard rumours that somewhere around here, there might be a snidey link to download a scanned PDF of the book [255mb], But I would personally never involve myself in such underhand goings-on.... [ Read More ]
Unfortunate Brand Names, No:427
04 Mar 2011
Check out their website for the fromage-laden theme tune Barf!... [ Read More ]
Put a Shilling in the Meter, Tumblr!
04 Mar 2011
I’ve posted about it before and, no doubt I’ll do so again; I wish to feck Tumblr would bloody sort out their servers, so they’d actually make some token attempt at handling the traffic that the site attracts! It’s doing my head in! –and today is even worse than usual. I’m currently averaging about four attempts for each page, before I can get the damned things to load. What makes it even more annoying is that Tumblr seem to do bugger all to address this issue.... [ Read More ]
It's Funny, Coz It's True
02 Mar 2011
Interesting article on Mashable, looking at the current crop of design clichés in the world of website logos: Linky... [ Read More ]
Random Tip No.226: URL Shorteners
13 Feb 2011
PROBLEM: You want to send someone the link to a fabulously exciting webpage you’ve discovered. but the URL [or web address for the uninitiated] is far too long to remember… or perhaps you want to send it as a text message. Imagine for example you’ve just spotted an ideal outfit for the office christmas party on ebay and want to share it with a friend. Here’s a typical ebay link:... [ Read More ]
Random Tip No.426: Twitterfeed
13 Feb 2011
Twitterfeed is a nice webservice that allows you to automatically send updates from various types of website [eg. blogs, forums etc] to a Twitter, Statusnet, Hellotxt [whatever them two are?] or Facebook account. So you can choose to have your Twitter account automatically update, whenever you add a new post to your Tumblr. I know Tumblr has a built-in option to do something like this, but Twitterfeed offers you a lot more control and is just as easy to set up.... [ Read More ]
Retro Heaven
12 Feb 2011
I’ve just come across this great blog, packed full of all kinds of retro design work, ranging from book & album covers to advertising, clothing catalogues and technology, etc. Retrospace I’ve always loved the style of book covers and magazine illustrations from the 40s-60s, especially Sci-Fi or trashy ‘adult’ stuff. I mean… _‘Nazi Fraulein Werewolves’_… what’s not to like?: …There are also some things [mostly dating from the 70s] that make you want to sew your eyelids shut:... [ Read More ]
06 Feb 2011
ie. ‘Repetitive Scanning Injury’. Well, a couple of months after signing up for Beyoncé Behance, I thought it was about time I got off my arse and actually stuck something on there. So, where better to start than the drawer full of old sketchbooks I’ve been meaning to sort out for so long? And, after nearly two days spent scanning, cropping adjusting and uploading, I’ve now got ten of said sketchbooks digitised and added to my Behance profile page:... [ Read More ]
Procrastinator's Delight
05 Feb 2011
Whilst pondering the ever-increasing list of things I want to get done this weekend [ever-increasing because each weekend it is supplemented with the things on last weekend’s list, which I didnae get done], I came across the following website: Ta-da List Wherein you can create simple todo lists, fill them with things to do and then triumphantly tick them off as you achieve them:  [BTW - Herman is my van, in case you were thinking I was planning to throw emulsion over an innocent member of the public]... [ Read More ]
05 Feb 2011
What is it with all the Tumblr blogs entitled “Fuckyeah <insert subject of blog>“, which seem to be abounding these days? Am I missing out on some really witty new internet ‘meme’ [or ‘Internet zzzzz’, as I call them], or is it just the latest manifestation of the lack of imagination of the cyber-population at large?... [ Read More ]
Is It Just Me...?
27 Jan 2011
…or is uploading photos broken on Tumblr today?... [ Read More ]
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