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Digitisation Across the Nation
08 Jul 2011
As I’ve mentioned previously, I participated in The Sketchbook Project last year and, in true student fashion, failed miserably to complete mine in the allotted time –although, in my defence, I did only hear about the project about a month or so before the deadline. Anyway, at the time I entered the project, I stumped up the extra twenty greenbacks to have my sketchbook digitised. As the months zipped past from last year’s submission date, I alternated between forgetting all about it and thinking I’d been ripped off, when visits to the project website eternally promised that ‘digitisation of submissions’ was under way, without providing much in the way of evidence for this.... [ Read More ]
A Dilemma
25 Jun 2011
Now, here’s a dilemma for me… What do I do with the “following” list on the blog, now that all the students on there will be leaving us, to go off to pastures new? Obviously I’ll need to clear the decks, for the new intake, or it’ll all get very messy, with a mixture of current and ex-students. But it’d be nice to still somehow be able track the progress of those of you who are leaving us this year and see how you’re all getting on in the big bad world.... [ Read More ]
Mad Hallucinatory Experience
09 Jun 2011
Logging into my Dashboard today, I notice that changes are afoot in Tumblrland. I’m not sure if I like it. You tend to get stuck in your ways, once you hit your mid seventies and I feel a bit disorientated by all this crazy new-fangledness. Hopefully I’ll wake up in a minute to find it’s all a dream and I’ve just dozed off listening to The Archers again.... [ Read More ]
AdAnnoyed 004
30 May 2011
I've just got to have that recipe... Has there ever, in the entire history of advertising, been a more freakish, plastic, zombie-looking couple used to try and flog a product, than this pair of Stepford refugees? Of late, they seem to be adorning every bloody billboard and bus-stop I have to pass. Look at their flawless plastic skin, their concrete hair, their fluorescent perfect teeth and the way that their dead eyes gaze emptily into the distance, instead of at each other.... [ Read More ]
Fanatic Fantastic
29 May 2011
The great thing about the intarwebs is that, whatever the subject area, you’ll find it has a dedicated following. These guys are so fanatical about their VWs that they’ve set up a forum to discuss everything about VW. T’would be a churlish man indeed who would point out that it’s spelt “volkswagen” and not “volkswagon” —especially when they’ve made that nice banner and registered the domain name and everything.... [ Read More ]
You Couldnae Make It Up!
29 May 2011
”…Containing everything you need to help and encourage any of your students having difficulties with their reading & writing…” Pity they dinnae “eat their own dogfood”, it would seem, for inside: Oh the irony!... [ Read More ]
Lordy! Lordy!
21 May 2011
Given that I’ve been comparing Richard’s developing graphical style to that of Rod Lord [of original “Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” graphics fame] and that Rich has posted a couple of Rod Lord animations himself, I thought I’d share with you this excerpt from the great man’s website, wherein Rod tells the tale of how they put together a demo sequence of the H2G2TG [as the nerds call it!... [ Read More ]
Google Maps Typography
18 May 2011
This is pretty cool. Aussie artist Rhett Dashwood spent about six months, poring over Google Maps, to compile this landscape alphabet. Some ‘letters’ work better than others, and I reckon it would work better with more instantly recogniseable landmarks. But nonetheless, another one of those really simple ideas to file under “Why didn’t I think of that?” Link-o-tron [with the locations of each ‘letter’]... [ Read More ]
Mac vs. Pc Infographic
08 May 2011
Mashable have posted this infographic. Based on data gathered by from user profiles of visitors to their site, it confirms that all your preconceptions and stereotypes about Mac users vs. PC users are true. Click here to see the full version.... [ Read More ]
A Pictorical Paints a Thousand Words
06 May 2011
This is a really nice idea. In essence: Pictorical are a publishing house, who sell ebooks for iPad. You apply to register with them as an artist and –provided they like your illustration style– they sign you up and you choose from their list of available books and illustrate it. When it’s done, they sell it as an eBook and you [as the artist] get half the profits. Applications are closed at the moment, but it might be one to keep an eye on for the future.... [ Read More ]
None of the Above
04 May 2011
It’s all very well having a sham referendum on whether or not to change the voting system. But, at the end of the day, the government will still win every time. “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them.... [ Read More ]
Fuckwitts' Corner No.217
28 Apr 2011
Dear Tumblr What, in the name of Beelzebubb and all his legions, is the point of providing an HTML editing button for posts, if you strip out any custom code we write, anyway? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: ... [ Read More ]
If at First You Dinnae Succeed...
28 Apr 2011
For about three days in a row over this [alleged!] holiday, I’ve been wrestling with my webserver, trying to configure it so I could use embedded Ruby in my webpages. Something I’ve been meaning to do, ever since I switched from using Apache to Nginx for my server, a while back. The consensus of web-wisdom suggested that the easiest way to do this was the allegedly “plug’n’play” Phusion Passenger.... [ Read More ]
Busman's Holiday
26 Apr 2011
Even though i’m supposed to be on holiday for the next week, I cannae resist tinkering on the intarwebs. So today i’ve given my Tumblr blog a bit of a make-over: Before: After: Widened the layout. There was s-o-o-o much wasted space in the old one. I think it was about 700px wide altogether. My new one is 1000px wide. Changed styling of post title, footer bars and sidebar headings to make them look a bit more ‘labelly’, which is kinda the look I’m going for.... [ Read More ]
Stupid Oul' Bags
26 Apr 2011
I found this advert on the Moleskine website. If you ignore the fact that the bags themselves are [as they used to say round our way] ‘pure mingin’, it’s quite a nice wee piece of stop-frame animation. Not entirely original though. I can see shades of Evelien Lohbeck in there.... [ Read More ]
Apple Knows Where You've Been!
25 Apr 2011
Lots of scandal in the technology press this past week about the discovery by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden [a couple of computer security researchers] that our beloved iPhones are keeping tabs on us wherever we go, storing this information in a hidden file called consolidated.db on the phone and also backing it up to your computer, whenever you sync your phone with iTunes. Apparently it is mentioned in the terms and conditions you sign up to, when you buy an iPhone that:... [ Read More ]
Backups Revisited
22 Apr 2011
A week or so ago, I posted about a couple of recommended options for backing up your Mac. One of the options I mentioned was using Amazon S3 storage, in conjunction with a ‘front-end’ application to configure the backup options on your Mac. At the time, I recommended Arq, as my preferred application for the purpose, as I was currently trying it out, after many years of using [but not particularly liking] JungleDisc and, on first impressions, thought Arq was the better app.... [ Read More ]
Every One's a Loser
21 Apr 2011
I like to think I’m a pretty broad-minded individual. But, for the sake of humanity, some things just shouldnae be allowed: I hate the use of “IT” as an umbrella term to cover anything remotely connected with using a computer I positively loathe the use of the meaningless buzzword “Solutions”, so prevalent in business at the moment I find the use of underscores instead of spaces really irritating and ‘Windozey’... [ Read More ]
AdAnnoyed 003
16 Apr 2011
What's that dungy smell? Top marks to the genius who came up with the “Juan Sheet” character, for Plenty kitchen towels’ new £3M ad campaign. He’s a stereotypical Mexican, y’see, complete with sombrero and gaudy embroidered shirt and cape. So when he says his name in a Mexican accent, it’s supposed to sound like he’s saying “One Sheet” –stressing the toughness and absorbency of Plenty kitchen towels.... [ Read More ]
15 Apr 2011
Here’s a sample of some nice Illustrator artwork I just happened across from a guy called Robert Murdock, who works under the pseudonym of Postmammal. It’s a programme for a wedding, which takes the form of an Infographic style brochure providing an “A to z Guide to the History of Your Bride and Groom” Me likey! Good original concept. Hands up who would have come up with the idea of an Infographics pamphlet, if asked to produce a programme for a wedding?... [ Read More ]
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