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Fifth Weeks Worth of Scroodls
04 Feb 2012
Bit of a mixed bag this week, with a couple of pretty half-arsed ones slipping in under the radar, towards the end. ——— The mighty Scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days –or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called!... [ Read More ]
Fourth Weeks Worth of Scroodls
29 Jan 2012
Inspiration was at a bit of a low this week, hence the preponderance of cartoonish faces, which tends to be what I doodle, when I cannae think of anything else. Maybe, I’ll start picking a theme for certain weeks, to add a bit of variety into the mix. ——— The mighty Scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days –or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called!... [ Read More ]
Third Weeks Worth of Scroodls
21 Jan 2012
Third week’s worth of scroodls. Woot! –under the “fifty weeks to go” milestone now. ... [ Read More ]
Exciting News!
18 Jan 2012
██ ████ all ██ ████ is ████ ██ ████ ██ well ██████ ██ ██████ love ██ ████ your ██ ████ ██ government ████ ██... [ Read More ]
Second Weeks Worth of Scroodls
14 Jan 2012
Second week’s worth of scroodls [and they said he’d never keep it up!] Forward we go into week three, scribbling away like a good ‘un! ... [ Read More ]
The Mighty Scroodl Challenge
11 Jan 2012
The mighty Scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days –or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called! I started mine on 31st December, so 6th January marked my first ‘week’. Here are my first seven Scroodls. ... [ Read More ]
Review Reviewed
11 Jan 2012
I’ve just stumbled upon this, through the randomness that is retweeting and I love it! It’s an entertaining read and it combines a review of the film with personal anecdotes and hand-drawn artwork. What’s not to like? Possibly something to ponder for you lot out there with reviews to write for your PDPs. “Think outside of the box”, and all thon! War Horse –an illustrated review. ... [ Read More ]
Have You Made Your 250 Contributions to World Culture Today?
07 Jan 2012
squid-vicious: Tumblr Post limit: Okay so it’s 250. I guess that’s like a lot of posts in one day. But as someone who used to spend like a whole day on Tumblr because I had nothing else to do and posted 300+ posts (not every day, on rare occasions), I have posted more than 250 posts in one day many times. So… I stumbled across this post, whilst trying to search the Tumblr API for a way to limit members of a shared blog to a certain number of posts per day.... [ Read More ]
Remembrance of Posts Past
01 Jan 2012
I’ve been racking my brain for a week or two now, trying to remember the name, web address [anything!] of a site I came across a while back, whereby you sign up with them as an illustrator and [subject to being accepted] you get to illustrate eBooks for iPad, from a selection they sell on iTunes. I thought it might be of interest to Vanessa in particular, but also to some of the rest of you, who enjoy a bit of illustration, on the sly.... [ Read More ]
Meet Scroodl
31 Dec 2011
Howdy boys and girls. At that depressing post-Christmas time of year, when you look at your haggard hungover face and turkey & mince pie-bloated carcass in the bathroom mirror and realise that you’ve spent the entire Christmas break stuffing your face and poisoning your liver and done “absolutely-no-work-at-all©” it’s nice to set yourself some aspirational New Year’s Resolutions. And what could be more assuaging of your festive guilt than to pledge yourself fervently to some unattainable goal which, deep down, you know you’ll give up on, halfway through January and return to your self-loathing indolent ways?... [ Read More ]
27 Nov 2011
How do you like my saucy new mini-calendars, showing the post-dates on my blog entries? Pretty nifty, eh? – and the cool thing is that it’s all done with good ol’ CSS. No image files were hurt in the making of this website. If you fancy having a go, here’s what you need to do: 1: First, add the following code into your theme’s custom HTML. If you don’t know how to edit your theme’s custom HTML, you probably shouldnae be doing this anyway but, if you like living on the edge, refer to my previous post for instructions on how to access the HTML editing screen.... [ Read More ]
Less Pain - More Gain
27 Nov 2011
Trying to edit your Tumblr theme’s HTML was annoying enough previously but, since the latest update to the interface, it’s even more of a pain in the arse than ever. Now you have to have two tabs open and make at least three clicks back and forth between the “CUSTOMISE” section and their annoying HTML editing screen, every time you want to make the slightest change. Here’s a way in which you can set things up, so you can edit your theme’s CSS locally and then have the changes automagically applied to your Tumblr blog:... [ Read More ]
Stop-Frame Genius in Action
18 Nov 2011
I saw this video a month or two back and forgot to book mark it and had absolutely no luck since in finding it because: A: I couldnae remember who it was about B: I couldnae remember the name of the film. Thanks to a casual comment by Rob [AKA “Big Tough Gully”] in one of his posts yesterday, I finally remembered that it was A: Barry Purves... [ Read More ]
Charlie and the Pickelhaube of Doom
13 Nov 2011
After they got fed up with me hanging about looking dejected, because I wasnae allowed to play with plasticene too, my 2nd year Animation students took pity on me and said they’d allow me to design one of the characters for our forthcoming ”Project Innocence” stop-frame animation. Presumably because they’ve already seen the state of my drawing and modelling skills, I was given the job of designing and building Charlie, brother of the main protagonist, who spends most of his brief appearance in the film clad in an old army greatcoat and German Pickelhaube helmet [war relics, belonging to his granda], so that not much of him is visible, apart from his chin.... [ Read More ]
Cert. Ed. –Ifiable
13 Nov 2011
At the last session of my terminally tedious Cert. Ed. course [which I’m being forced to complete, to prove I’m qualified to do the job I’ve been doing for the past eleven years], I was actually given carte blanche to do some doodling in an official capacity –instead of using it as a means to attempt to preserve my sanity, while the lesson drags by, as is usually the case.... [ Read More ]
Project Innocence
13 Nov 2011
Since I’m looking forward, in the next few weeks, to bollocking those of my students who’ve not bothered to post anything to their PDP blogs, since the current term began, I thought I’d better get my arse in gear myself, lest some barrack-room lawyer pipe up with a, “Please stop hitting me with that length of two-by-four dear tutor for, in our indolence, we were only emulating your good self!”... [ Read More ]
Review: Wenger Evowood S557
23 Oct 2011
Wenger Evowood S557 I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Freestyle for the past year or two as my ‘pocketable-EDC’ and, whilst there’s a lot to like about the Freestyle, it also has some serious shortcomings. The biggest shortcoming is probably the lack of tools –having to open beer bottles by prising up the edges of the lid with the pliers soon becomes tiring! Also, the blade on the Freestyle has a series of holes drilled into it.... [ Read More ]
AdAnnoyed 005
09 Aug 2011
You’ll never go far wrong in this world, founding a business on the premise of offering lazy fatties the promise of achieving the body of a Greek God, without actually having to put any effort in. Behold, the “Fitflop”, the shoe that miraculously slims, tones and [apparently] lengthens your legs, while you concentrate on shuffling round your local Arndale Centre, stuffing your face with McDonalds and Coke [diet, of course!].... [ Read More ]
Clean Slate
02 Aug 2011
Well, I hope all you smart young NMD and Anim students have been listening to the repeated advice from your Uncle stío and Auntie Alex, to back up and keep copies of all your work. Because, last week, while we were on holiday some fuc.. twa.. ars.. clever person from IT decided to completely wipe every computer in room 222 –without even consulting with us first. So, anything not backed up is “Gone like the snows of last winter”, if you’re feeling poetical about it [which I’m not!... [ Read More ]
The Great Sketchbook Project Rip-Off
23 Jul 2011
I’m feeling pretty pissed off this morning. After writing previously [on a couple of occasions] about The Sketchbook Project and my mixed feelings about it, postie has just delivered my sketchbook for this year’s outing –and I’ve got to say that $25 for the tiny, sorry looking sub-school exercise book quality “sketchbook”, which tumbled out of the envelope, is a fucking joke. I had some correspondence by email last year, with the organisers of The Sketchbook Project, with regards to their describing 2011’s sketchbooks as Moleskines, when they were patently nothing but cheap knock-off copies.... [ Read More ]
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