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My Atom Setup
03 Oct 2015
Themes Built-In Packages Disabled 3rd-Party Packages Installed I’m a bit of a recent convert to the Atom text editor. But I’ve been using it as my main mangler-of-text for a month or two now. So I thought it was high time I did one of those nerdy “Here’s my setup” type posts. These are the themes and packages I’m finding useful at the minute: Themes I’ve not gone for anything 3rd-party with regard to themes.... [ Read More ]
Twitter Tips
03 Oct 2015
Just a couple of Twitter-enhancing tips for you today which, although not directly related, do allow you to have a bit more fun with the compulsive-blabbing website. Multiple Accounts from single email Get rid of Sponsored Tweets Get a Twitter API Key without giving away your Phone no. 1. Multiple Accounts –One Email Address. It’s fairly easy to set up your first one or three Twitter accounts. Most of us have at least a couple of email accounts lying about we can use.... [ Read More ]
Carry On Herman Logo Revisited
01 Oct 2015
Colour me OCD Those of you who read yesterday’s post on coming up with a new ‘Carry on Herman’ logo [ie. No-one on the entire planet] will remember that our hero retired dazed to his fart-sack for the night, still in two minds as to what format the text on the logo should take. With bated breath, said non-existent readership will have stampeded back to this site today to find out what the outcome was… Well, I can exclusively reveal that it was “Inconclusive”.... [ Read More ]
Hold On To What You'Ve Got
01 Oct 2015
App store chore Just a quick reminder folks that, if you’re planning to upgrade[?] to OSX El Capitán in the near future and you have more than one computer to upgrade, you’ll want to grab a copy of the installer application, before hitting that big Continue button –otherwise the installer will self-destruct [well, ‘self-delete’ anyway] when done and you’ll have to download all 6,09GB of it all over again, to install on your next computer.... [ Read More ]
Carrying On Doodling
30 Sep 2015
As the latest part of my ongoing campaign to reclaim much of the verbal diarrhoea that I’ve been spewing out onto the web over the past decade –in attempt to persuade people to pay me to do similar ‘stuff’ for them, I’ve been importing one of my old blogs, called Carry on Herman from Tumblr into Hugo, so I can host it myself. A task I look forward to immensely. [This being the third blog I’ve done this with.] Anyway, to give myself a break from the interminable fixing up of mangled posts and tracking down broken links and images, I thought I’d do a bit of doodling today and work on the new logo I have planned for the blog.... [ Read More ]
Remember Superstars?
24 Sep 2015
Apropos of nothing, other than the usual random thought, flitting unbidden across my vacant skull; Does anyone remember the TV series Superstars from the 1970s? Even the titles oozed seventies grooviness! It was hosted by Ron Pickering and took the form of a contest wherein a variety of well-known sportsmen would compete against each other in a series of athletic challenges. I think it must have had some kind of tournament structure, as I seem to remember that the winners each week went through to the next round and there was some kind of final at the end.... [ Read More ]
Paws For Thought
22 Sep 2015
Today, I have mostly been embarking on one of my habitual quests to finally learn how to draw cartoon hands properly, sometime before the heat death of The Universe. This latest half-arsed attempt was triggered by two things; firstly, I’ve got to draw a cartoon header for a blog of mine I’m currently rescuing from the clutches of Tumblr and; secondly, the other day I came across a set of PDFs of the complete Asterix the Gaul books, which I’d forgotten I had and –flipping through them– I remembered how much I always admired Albert Uderzo’s mastery of hands.... [ Read More ]
Ireland Sketchbook 2015
22 Sep 2015
I always have great intentions to produce some worthwhile art while I’m on holiday –and not just spend the entire time pickling my liver and eating lard by the wheelbarrowful. In reality, if I produce anything at all of an even vaguely artistic bent, it’s usually ‘sub-back-of-an-envelope’ scrawlings, which make mockery of the selfless sacrifice made by the trees who gave their lives that I might have something to daub upon.... [ Read More ]
Nice Irish Bread Logo
22 Sep 2015
I snipped this wee logo from a packet of bread we bought in Ireland the other week [one of the local brands], coz I thought it was a pretty cute wee character. Unfortunately I’ve completely forgotten who the bread company in question was. But I think we picked it up from either Aldi or Supervalu in Co. Sligo. The usual fantastic cash prize* for the smart boy or girl to recognise it and let me know, in the comments, who uses it on their bread packaging.... [ Read More ]
Amazon Seller Account
21 Sep 2015
Thought I’d have another go at registering for an Amazon Seller Account today, as I’ve a mountain of books I want to shift. The last couple of times I tried this feat, I ended up having to be committed to an insane asylum, after trying to chew my own head off in frustration. Luckily, before I was dragged away, screaming and kicking, by the men in white coats, I did manage to pen an email to Amazon support [at the end of June, to be precise] and I’m sure that, busy as they must be, I’ll be receiving a reply a-n-y… d-a-y… n-o-w!… Anyway, even if I’m not worthy of an acknowledgement, never mind a reply, I’m sure Amazon will have taken on board my problem report and acted accordingly.... [ Read More ]
Inky Stinky
19 Sep 2015
Apropos of nothing much, except I’ve got a bit of Pen’n’Ink work to do soon, I thought I’d investigate the water resistance of the random collection of drawing inks I had lying about the house. As I sometimes like to splash a bit of watercolour over my inky scribbles, I’m always on the lookout for the ‘perfect’ ink. So, without further ado, here are the candidates: L to R: Rotring Isograph Ink, Parker Quink Fountain Pen Ink, Calder Indian Ink [label missing], Noodler's Bulletproof Black, Winsor & Newton Indian Ink and [lounging Seductively across the front] Pentel Brush Pen Ink Cartridges My rigorous testing was pretty straightforward.... [ Read More ]
The Face-Shitting Continues
18 Aug 2015
Image Credit: Since I posted previously about the epidemic of Javascript-fucking-Overlays polluting the intarwebs these days, the onslaught seems to have got even worse —if such a thing be possible! In fact these ‘shits-in-your-face’ have become so omnipresent that, on a couple of occasions, I’ve actually found myself feeling mildly surprised when a site I’m reading HASN’T thrown this digital sputum in my stupid gob. So here, before I finally abandon my ‘pissing-in-the-wind’ ranting about this phenomenum [on the grounds that no-one else seems to give a shit] is one last Hall of Shame, snapped now and then over the weeks intervening since last time.... [ Read More ]
Ich Bin Ein Frankfurter!
04 Aug 2015
As of this morning, the mighty madraserver, upon which this site [and many of my other priceless contributions to internet culture] reside, has moved from a datacentre in London, England to one in Frankfurt, Germany. Why? Why not? Anyway, it gave me a chance to do some tinkering and possibly fix something that wasn’t broken. So how could I resist!... [ Read More ]
Review: Clipper Petrol Lighter
18 Jul 2015
The other day, after spending about half an hour trying to find a working lighter or box of matches in our non-smoking household, I thought I’d better get a cheap lighter or two to stash about the place and in my kit, for my future incendiary needs. I was torn between getting a few cheapo Clippers [for their reliability], or something like an Imco [as I think a petrol lighter is more versatile than a gas one].... [ Read More ]
Out Of The Pens Of Babes And Sucklings
10 Jun 2015
Portrait of the author as an old man The astute reader may remember the above illustration from such posts of mine as “Arse-Sum!”. It was done by my wee niece when I was up visiting the in-laws over Christmas and is a portrait of your humble author. What many art critics don’t realise is that the piece is actually one half of a diptych –both halves of which I am lucky enough to have in my private collection.... [ Read More ]
Remove Google Search Bar From Android Lollipop
31 May 2015
The Omnipresent Google Search Bar Just a quick ‘Howto’ for you today, dear readers. Having recently upgraded my Galaxy Tab from Android KitKat to Lollipop I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to turn off the omnipresent Google Search Bar on my homescreen [I’m sure on the ROM I was runnning previously, there was just a simple tickbox in settings somewhere to get rid of it]. So, as you do, I searched the intarwebs for enlightenment, only to find [as you also always do] myself ploughing through a morass of conflicting and often completely wrong advice.... [ Read More ]
08 May 2015
Apropos of nothing much really. Just a couple of cartoons I scribbled yesterday and stuck on my Twatter feed throughout the day –to nail my apathetic colours to the “None of the Above” mast.... [ Read More ]
Javascript Overlays Are The Pop-Ups 'De Nous Jours'
04 May 2015
Just a leetle Overlay. Eet is verra theen! [Image Credit: Rex Features] Remember the bad old days of the Intarwebs, when we used to all get annoyed about websites that shoved pop-up windows in our faces? I think, somewhere in the ancient bowels of this blog, I once compared such goings on to; a waiter, unannounced, shoving the wine menu between your fork and the plate you were about to eat from and demanding you give it your attention… “RIGHT NOW!!!”.... [ Read More ]
Apple Security Update Broke SSL
03 May 2015
DISCLAIMER: I am by no stretch of the imagination a “Security Expert”. So please bear in mind that following any advice I give on the subject is akin to placing your todger in the hands of Sweeney Todd and asking for ‘Just a pubic trim, please…’ DISCLAIMER2: In explaining this lot, I’m over-simplifying and using generic terms a lot. That’s partly because I don’t know what the feck I’m talking about.... [ Read More ]
Meet Interlingua!
30 Mar 2015
Image credit: The other day, while wandering aimlessly down the dusty by-roads of the internet, I found myself reading an article on Esperanto. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Esperanto is a “constructed language” which means it has been deliberately created rather than, as with other languages, having evolved naturally from our Neanderthal gruntings and nether-scratchings. The rationale behind constructed languages is twofold: Firstly: Being ‘constructed’ they can be designed with a completely regular grammar structure, thus making them easy to learn.... [ Read More ]
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